The Vision
e.quinox is a non-profit, humanitarian project that hopes to bring cost-effective, sustainable renewable energy to developing countries.
We strongly believe that technology can be a solution to many of the problems we face today. Our goal is to give communities the means to help themselves.

Our project aims to develop a business model which is financially sustainable – designed to recover for the initial investment made for the energy kiosks over a few years.

The Reason
e.quinox aims to develop and implement a cost-effective off-grid stand alone photovoltaic system to power rural villages in the developing world. We consider electric power a fundamental element to ensure an acceptable quality of life.
The introduction of electric power to small communities in developing countries will have many benefits: improving health, education and the general quality of life. We realise that building a centralised electric network in this context will not be socio-economically feasible, but we believe smaller, economically viable and technologically appropriate solutions may be the answer.

The Organisation
e.quinox is a students’ initiative started at Imperial College London that aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world, by bringing cost-effective renewable energy solutions to developing countries. The organisation is led by a team of Imperial College electrical engineering students, but also consists of several other academics and personnel within the University, Rwanda and around the world. All of its constituents believe it to be their responsibility to design and implement innovative systems, to run appliances benefiting schools, hospitals and social communities.

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