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The Look Of Future Tech And AI

If you could understand the generation one grew up in: when the phrase “AI” comes into context, it brings up a doomsday scenario al la Terminator or some such. Why would people think that? Because the idea can be terrifying.

Our concepts of AI – artificial intelligence – have been the idea that the use of such programs would not only cause destruction, but that it would be our own decisions that caused it. Granted, the paranoia comes from lack of knowledge, but also a look at a darker side of what technology can do to society.

But such fear can be limiting. After all, how many people use smartphones? Or depend on the computer for such things as online transactions, communication and the like? Or any of these objects to tell them the weather, or give them traffic information?

For those in the know, this is the most rudimentary of AI. It’s just giving facts and information, so the fear of it is often one’s onus: meaning that they have to understand the ramifications rather than the speculation of what it could mean for people.

The Look Of Future Tech And AI Drone

For a society that demands infinite information so readily, does AI prove a threat, or something of a help for everybody? While there’s always a chance that Al can be abused by the most inappropriate parties, does it mean all people are writ to abuse it?

So far, there are computers that talk back, give information at the drop of a dime. And yes; while YouTube has been the standard, having an AI help out with what some may as fundamentals could be more helpful in the long run.

A world where medical problems could be diagnosed in moments. A world where one can access music in moments, because the AI understands it. The Internet, the cell phones were all a start to bringing AI to the public.

But the public is still afraid. Why is that? Could it be that many saw too many ‘80’s movies? Or that the early AI would let them know when they had low blood sugar? Ironic how the people fear the premise of AI, yet look to it even now.

AI has become part and parcel of the American way, no matter how people can phrase it. Whether it was how it was placed in the early 80’s (which is a generation I’m quite aware with), or even now, the constant evolution of technology; especially AI, has become a integral in society.

And when people think about it: they need to think about the ramifications of this tech. Cars that can keep track of traffic around one, even stopping on a dime if needs be. Machines that can calibrate your blood pressure, pain, even what kind of foot pad you need?

In the end, it’s still personal choice.

It’s all AI. And whether people feel it a threat or not, AI is a tech that is growing, evolving and here to stay. For all the people that thought movies such as “Blade Runner” or “Remote” as amusement, this is a brave new world.

AI is not a dictator, nor is it a servant. It helps people find a balance. When people find that work and home life can be overwhelming – which is since the dawn of time – having an Echo or Alexa help makes things easier for many people.

Need a recipe and a way to make it? YouTube is great, but an AI will give you step by step, thus saving valuable time that it would take to make it. Medical problem or concern? Well, an AI program can give you the possible variables, which saves you time and money.

The Look Of Future Tech And AI Medical

The main question people ask: “How far does AI go? How far will it go?” People wish to map the stars, find planets that we’ve never seen. People want medical help, as well as help in the regular fields of life: jobs, books, music, media.

We’ve become dependent on using intelligent tech to help our lives along, though most would never think of it as that sort of thing. From trackers on our health to even using a hovercraft, many wouldn’t really think AI has a thumb in it. Hell, even the computer you use and its programming: AI.

It stands not to be a condemnation. AI has done many a thing, and the scope of it yields a variety of discoveries yet to be seen. For years, the human species have created a great many number of wonders: travel to the moon, explore other planets…even the “Fat Boy” was a tragic wonder.

But what can be next be done with AI? Cure to cancer? AIDS? Solve the money problems of our country? Give maybe more wisdom than that’s been seen? Remember: this country is young, and every developing. And every country is working on a viable AI program. And it’s infancy may be general, the truth is quite clear.

AI is going to be dominate. From food to nutrition to even health regimens, AI will be able to allocate and calculate what’s needed for the people. Not quite the “Terminator” scenario some people actually see, but more a “Star Trek” world where the AI works with you, not against you.

And as more is learned about this information, understand it is not meant to be the end all be all. It’s not meant to be a crutch or what’s needed. Yes, people go to Google and a hundred thousand different sites, but human knowledge is what keeps the world moving. Because AI can give one a great recipe for chicken salad, but it’s the human that knows whether it needs a little salt or lemon.

People need not forget: for every great tech which helps us out, rely on self. There are so many things AI can do: play your music, give you directions, recommend a restaurant. And all of that is great. But it still can’t say what movie to like. It can only recommend.