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Advanced Leadership Course

The first week of July (3- 7) will be marked with another edition of Advanced Leadership course run by WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Education and Training. The course will take place at WHO CC, London,  with external visits as part of the programme. It will be attended by Chinese delegates.

Advanced Leadership course is one of the flagship courses run by WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Education and Training. It is aimed at Policy makers, health managers, heads of clinical and administrative departments, health professionals with an interest in management, and other interested stakeholders. It is an interactive training whereby participants are inspired but also challenged and allowed space for self-reflection and development.

WHO Collaborating Centre runs bespoke courses all year round. Please visit our pages: 

We offer training sessions that are tailor-made for participants and their professional needs as well as the current public health climate.

Masters of Public Health Students’ trip to WHO Geneva

Participants of the WHO HQ trip
Participants of the WHO HQ trip

It is the 7th year that WHO CC is organising this very exciting and informative trip for students on Masters of Public Health. It will take place in the last week of June. The students will visit WHO Headquarters where they receive insightful sessions delivered by experts in various fields, and they also visit organisations such as the Red Cross, the United Nations, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Global Fund, Medecins sans Frontières.

The trip is an intensive and very inspiring time for the students, which is often helpful in decisions on future career options and professional paths.

WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Education and Training Postgraduate Fellowship

WHO CC continuously run its renowned Postgraduate Fellowship programme aimed at healthcare professionals. The Fellowship runs for a year. Yet some of our Fellows extend it for another year. WHO CC Fellows pursue their research alongside placements allowing them to develop their professional interests, learn from the exposure to the British health system and take that experience to their home countries to contribute to their home health systems improvements and developments.

More on our Fellowship, please visit here

WHO Collaborating Centre Staff, Research Fellows, and PhD Student Presentations

WHO CC is always looking to continuously make sure that staff, research fellows, and students completing their doctorates are engaging others in the group about their work. To that aim every Wednesday afternoon an Excellence group meets to provide supportive feedback to presenters before they submit their work for publication or present it to a wider audience at conferences.  Professor Salman Rawaf, the initiator of the group and Director of WHO Collaborating Centre, is keen to point out the importance of creating a supportive environment so that researchers feel that their work is receiving the right feedback allowing it to move forward.

Some titles that were recently presented prior to their publication by our PhD Students:

  • Status of Patient Safety Culture in Arab Countries: A Systematic Review
  • Women in Saudi Arabia and the Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Systematic Review
  • Application of Process Mining in prostate cancer pathway analysis

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