Workshop On Numerical methods in KomplexitY (WONKY)

Workshop On Numerical methods in KomplexitY (WONKY)
08.10.18 to 10.10.18
Amberley, South Downs Way

Our group of 13 doctoral students at the Centre for Complexity Science at Imperial College held a trip of three days in the National Park of the South Downs Way. We stayed in a bunkhouse in Amberley, where we carried out a little workshop on numerical methods and combined it with long strolls in the green countryside. We had a good time and plenty of discussions.

Some years ago, a few of us had the idea of organising a small workshop to share tips and tricks for numerical methods in our research. Specifically it was an opportunity to discuss methods with some practical value seldom discussed in seminars. The workshop idea lay simmering for some time until we got the funding from the Research Community Fund, we then decided to combine the workshop with a jaunt in the countryside where spent a good time together and welcomed new students to the group. We would like to thank the Graduate School for sponsoring the event and for enabling our group to complete this activity.

We discussed the following topics (see our brochure): • Project scaffolding • Managing code • Managing data • Statistical inferences • Machine learning methods • Does and don’ts of programming • Plotting • Using the Imperial Cluster • First approach to data analysis • Blockchain • Use of Profilers • Julia

And did the following excursions:

Day 1: We went on a loop starting at the bunkhouse, following the South Downs Way until the Rackham Banks and back.

Day 2: We walked by the side of the river Arun until we arrived to Arundel, where we walked around the centre, visited historical buildings and took the train back. It took 4 minutes by train what had taken us 3 hours to do on foot!

Day 3: We went to Amberley and then walked towards Bury until we reached the river, walked by the riverside until we found a bridge, walked a bit more between farms and closed the loop at the bunkhouse. On the way, we met a friendly group of cows, who were very eager to join us.




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