Crystal Maze Experience- EEE PhDs

The first Crystal Maze event connecting PhD students from the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, took place on Friday 5th of April. The goal of this unforgettable experience was to mix students from different groups and foster new collaborations within the EEE department.

The evening started with a drinks hangout at union bar where the attendants got to know about each other before the team building event. The Crystal Maze Experience was a truly interactive, frenetic and funny team challenge. Expertly guided by the Maze Master, the two teams of students journeyed through four different adventure zones: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval. Along the way, the teams faced lots of challenging tasks and games. Every challenge successfully completed won each team a crystal. Every Crystal earned, gave more time in the very final challenge: The Crystal Dome. Here, the teams had to work together to catch as many tokens as possible.

The event was a great success, with a big turnout of 16 students. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed building teamwork and social skills. EEE PhDs were very happy to meet new people from the department in such a fun way.

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