Month: February 2020

Panopto EMEA Conference 2019

The Digital Education team recently attended the 2019 Panopto EMEA Conference in Euston Square. Morning coffees quaffed and croissants consumed, the conference commenced with the opening keynote delivered by Eric Burns, Panopto founder and CEO.

Opening keynote – Eric Burns

Eric welcomed the delegates and began with a demonstration of how far the platform had advanced in the past decade, comparing the first iteration of the Panopto Silverlight player with the modern equivalent.

The keynote centered on the technological and cultural changes that have impacted Panopto. The talk was subdivided into the following topics: The Shift from hardware to software, the cultural normalisation of video in academia, the rise of multi streaming, the consumerisation of technology and the death of client software. 

Turnitin User Summit 2019

This was my first time attending the annual Turnitin User Summit and it gave me an opportunity to learn more about the latest products released. This was also an opportunity to find out if existing issues are being developed out the system.

To begin the conference Turnitin presented us with some statistics, as of November 2019:

  • Turnitin Services are used in over 169 countries
  • With over 29 million active users
  • 1,040,917,465 papers have been submitted

This reflects on how many institutions are now dependant on Turnitin for, plagiarism detection, integrity checking, marking and grading.

They Road map for Turnitin focuses on improving the current product as well as the release of two new products, including Gradescope and the Authorship tool.