Month: February 2020

Education Transformation: Transforming pedagogy and enhancing the staff-student experience across Faculty of Medicine postgraduate teaching

by Dallas Alexandrou, Operations Manager (Postgraduate Education), Faculty of Medicine Centre

Education Transformation LogoThe Faculty of Medicine (FoM) PG Education Team is launching a new approach to supporting postgraduate programmes as they address challenges, identify opportunities, and enhance the student learning experience.  This new approach is called Education Transformation.

FoM Postgraduate Teaching has successfully completed the process of Curriculum Review for 20 distinct programmes and now, supported by the College’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, we are moving into this new phase of Education Transformation as a way of developing educational solutions, working in collaboration with programme teams and other colleagues.  Education Transformation goes beyond ‘what we teach’ to tackle how we teach, how the students know they’re learning, and how the students ‘belong’ while they’re here.

All FoM PG programmes completing Curriculum Review can submit project proposals to Education Transformation, bidding for resource allocation. These proposals will be subject to a rigorous review process, governed by the Education Transformation Board. Project proposals are welcomed from single programmes or clusters of programmes, and resources to support education change, including digital development, will be made available to successful proposals.

At its simplest, the aim is to transform pedagogy and enhance the staff-student experience across postgraduate teaching in FoM.

For further information, please go to the Education Transformation web pages, and if you have any specific questions, please direct these to: