London Festival of Education 2012

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London Festival of Education 2012

I thought I’d start this blog off with an event I attended which was the inaugural London Festival of Education took place at the Institute of Education in London on Saturday 17th November. The event was the first of its kind, with a variety of speakers including the Education secretary, Michael Gove, writers Michael Rosen and Anthony Horowitz and many others talking on a variety of topics including the use of technology in education and debating various points of view in depth. The quality of the discussions and the presentations were excellent!

There were several sessions on how technology in education, including the team behind the Raspberry Pi computer, a cheap computer for children to engage with coding on, demonstrating the Raspberry Pi. There were also groups of children taking part in a two day ‘hack-fest’ at the London Knowledge Lab – this involved spending two days coming up with ideas of how technology could be used in Schools and then coding applications to achieve this with the help of teachers and lecturers – an example was a weather station application which used sent data back to the classroom. The presentations and results to the audience were really very good and demonstrated how much imagination children have when it comes to science and technology!

If you’d like to see the twitter back channel for the event, which was very active during the event, please see and the hashtag #lfe2012. Recordings should be made available on the festival website in the next week or two – I will update this post with the links!

Edit (23rd November): There are now videos from the main Logan Hall Presentations on the IoE London YouTube Channel

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