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Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our monthly (19/08/19 – 17/09/19) round-up of recent publication successes.*

Department author(s) Date publication Authors OR Authors/Contributors Title Publication type Canonical journal title
ANAND, Uma 24/09/2019 Anand U, Korchev Y, Anand P The role of urea in neuronal degeneration and sensitization: an in vitro model of uremic neuropathy Journal article Molecular Pain
ANDREW, Toby 14/09/2019 Andrew T, Maude H, Huntley D NUMT confounding biases mitochondrial heteroplasmy calls in favor of the reference allele Journal article Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
CHAI, Wengang 13/09/2019 Huang C, Yan J, Zhan L, Zhao M, Zhou J, Gao H, Xie W, Li Y, Chai W Linkage and sequence analysis of neutral oligosaccharides by negative-ion MALDI tandem mass spectrometry with laser-induced dissociation Journal article Analytica Chimica Acta
ATHANASIOU, Antonios and KYRGIOU, Maria 12/09/2019 Athanasiou A, Veroniki AA, Efthimiou O, Kalliala I, Naci H, Bowden S, Paraskevaidi M, Martin-Hirsch P, Bennett P, Paraskevaidis E, Salanti G, Kyrgiou M Comparative fertility and pregnancy outcomes after local treatment for cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia and stage 1a1 cervical cancer: protocol for a systematic review and network meta-analysis from the CIRCLE Group Journal article BMJ Open
WALTERS, Julian R F 11/09/2019 Walters J, Arasaradnam R, Andreyev J Diagnosis and management of bile acid diarrhoea: a survey of UK expert opinion and practice Journal article Frontline Gastroenterology
TOMAS CATALA, Alejandra d D 11/09/2019 Fremaux J, Venin C, Mauran L, Zimmer R, Koensgen F, Rognan D, Bitsi S, Lucey MA, Jones B, Tomas A, Guichard G, Goudreau SR Ureidopeptide GLP-1 analogues with prolonged activity in vivo via signal bias and altered receptor trafficking Journal article Chemical Science
DALL’ASTA, Andrea 10/09/2019 di Pasquo E, Ghi T, Calì G, D’Antonio F, Fratelli N, Forlani F, Prefumo F, Kaihura CT, Volpe N, Dall’Asta A, Frusca T Intracervical lakes as a sonographic marker of placenta accreta spectrum (PAS) in patients with previa and low-lying placenta. Journal Article Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
BOURNE, Tom 04/09/2019 Al-Memar M, Vaulet T, Fourie H, Bobdiwala S, Farren J, Saso S, Bracewell-Milnes T, De Moor B, Sur S, Stalder C, Bennett P, Timmerman D, Bourne T Intrauterine haematomas in the first trimester and pregnancy complications. Journal Article Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
CHAYEN, Naomi 03/09/2019 Li Y, Govada L, Solomon HV, Gillis RB, Adams GG, Chayen NE Analysis of glulisine crystallisation utilising phase diagrams and nucleants Journal article Crystals
DHILLO, Waljit S 01/09/2019 Thurston L, Abbara A, Dhillo WS Investigation and management of subfertility. Journal Article, Review Journal of Clinical Pathology
DHILLO, Waljit S and PRAGUE, Julia K 01/09/2019 Prague JK, Voliotis M, Clarke S, Comninos AN, Abbara A, Jayasena CN, Roberts RE, Yang L, Veldhuis JD, Tsaneva-Atanasova K, McArdle CA, Dhillo WS Determining the Relationship Between Hot Flushes and LH Pulses in Menopausal Women Using Mathematical Modeling. Journal article Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
KYRGIOU, Maria 01/09/2019 Hall M, Savvatis K, Nixon K, Kyrgiou M, Hariharan K, Padwick M, Owens O, Cunnea P, Campbell J, Farthing A, Stumpfle R, Vazquez I, Watson N, Krell J, Gabra H, Rustin G, Fotopoulou C Maximal-Effort Cytoreductive Surgery for Ovarian Cancer Patients with a High Tumor Burden: Variations in Practice and Impact on Outcome Journal article Annals of Surgical Oncology
FEIZI, Ten 27/08/2019 Feizi T Nanolithography of biointerfaces. Journal article Faraday Discussions
TOMAS CATALA, Alejandra d D 22/08/2019 Tomas A, Jones B, Leech C New Insights into Beta Cell GLP-1 Receptor and cAMP Signaling. Journal Article, Review Journal of Molecular Biology
SHAH, Nishel M 27/08/2019 Shah NM, Imami N, Kelleher P, Barclay WS, Johnson MR Pregnancy-related immune suppression leads to altered influenza vaccine recall responses Journal article Clinical Immunology
MALE, Victoria H 29/08/2019 Male V, Cuff AO, Silitto F, Dertschnig S, Hall A, Luong TV, Chakraverty R The obese liver environment mediates conversion of NK cells to a less cytotoxic ILC1-like phenotype Journal article Frontiers in Immunology
TOMAS CATALA, Alejandra d D 20/08/2019 Buenaventura T, Bitsi S, Laughlin WE, Burgoyne T, Lyu Z, Oqua AI, Norman H, McGlone ER, Klymchenko AS, Corrêa IR, Walker A, Inoue A, Hanyaloglu A, Grimes J, Koszegi Z, Calebiro D, Rutter GA, Bloom SR, Jones B, Tomas A Agonist-induced membrane nanodomain clustering drives GLP-1 receptor responses in pancreatic beta cells. Journal article PLoS Biology
BOURNE, Tom 11/08/2019 Martínez-Más J, Bueno-Crespo A, Khazendar S, Remezal-Solano M, Martínez-Cendán J-P, Jassim S, Du H, Al Assam H, Bourne T, Timmerman D Evaluation of machine learning methods with Fourier Transform features for classifying ovarian tumors based on ultrasound images. Journal Article PLoS One

*The mysterious case of the missing publication: a disclaimer

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a fortnightly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications. 

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