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Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of recent publication successes (19/11/19 -19/01/20).*

Title Date Authors OR Authors/Contributors Publication type Canonical journal title
A study protocol for testing the feasibility of a randomised stepped wedge cluster design to investigate a Community Health Intervention through Musical Engagement (CHIME) for perinatal mental health in The Gambia. 01/11/2019 Sanfilippo KRM, McConnell B, Cornelius V, Darboe B, Huma HB, Gaye M, Ramchandani P, Ceesay H, Glover V, Cross I, Stewart L Journal Article Pilot and Feasibility Studies
A study protocol for a randomised crossover study evaluating the effect of diets differing in carbohydrate quality on ileal content and appetite regulation in healthy humans. 01/11/2019 Byrne CS, Blunt D, Burn J, Chambers E, Dagbasi A, Franco Becker G, Gibson G, Mendoza L, Murphy K, Poveda C, Ramgulam A, Tashkova M, Walton G, Washirasaksiri C, Frost G Journal Article F1000Research
Comparing the relationship between ultrasound-estimated fetal weight and birthweight in cohort of small for gestational age fetuses 01/11/2019 Stephens K, Al-Memar M, Beattie-Jones S, Dhanjal M, Mappouridou S, Thorne E, Lees C Article Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
Early‐onset twin–twin transfusion syndrome: Case series and systematic review 01/11/2019 Mylrea‐Foley B, Shaw CJ, Harikumar N, Legg S, Meher S, Lees CC Journal article Australasian Journal of Ultrasound Medicine
GutSelf: Interindividual Variability in the Processing of Dietary Compounds by the Human Gastrointestinal Tract 01/11/2019 Walther B, Lett AM, Bordoni A, Tomás‐Cobos L, Nieto JA, Dupont D, Danesi F, Shahar DR, Echaniz A, Re R, Fernandez AS, Deglaire A, Gille D, Schmid A, Vergères G Journal article Molecular Nutrition and Food Research
Letter: role of mean platelet volume levels in the prediction of major acute cardiovascular events in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-authors’ reply 01/11/2019 Mullish BH, Forlano R, Abeles RD, Thursz MR, Manousou P Journal article Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Loss-of-function mutations in MRAP2 are pathogenic in hyperphagic obesity with hyperglycemia and hypertension. 01/11/2019 Baron M, Maillet J, Huyvaert M, Dechaume A, Boutry R, Loiselle H, Durand E, Toussaint B, Vaillant E, Philippe J, Thomas J, Ghulam A, Franc S, Charpentier G, Borys J-M, Lévy-Marchal C, Tauber M, Scharfmann R, Weill J, Aubert C, Kerr-Conte J, Pattou F, Roussel R, Balkau B, Marre M, Boissel M, Derhourhi M, Gaget S, Canouil M, Froguel P, Bonnefond A Journal Article Nature Medicine
Pregnancy-related immune suppression leads to altered influenza vaccine recall responses. 01/11/2019 Shah NM, Imami N, Kelleher P, Barclay WS, Johnson MR Journal Article Clinical Immunology
Rfx6 promotes the differentiation of peptide-secreting enteroendocrine cells while repressing genetic programs controlling serotonin production. 01/11/2019 Piccand J, Vagne C, Blot F, Meunier A, Beucher A, Strasser P, Lund ML, Ghimire S, Nivlet L, Lapp C, Petersen N, Engelstoft MS, Thibault-Carpentier C, Keime C, Correa SJ, Schreiber V, Molina N, Schwartz TW, De Arcangelis A, Gradwohl G Journal Article Molecular Metabolism
Spleen stiffness measurements using point shear wave elastography detects noncirrhotic portal hypertension in human immunodeficiency virus. 01/11/2019 Ahmad AK, Atzori S, Taylor-Robinson SD, Maurice JB, Cooke GS, Garvey L Journal Article Medicine
The Bio-inspired Artificial Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes Control in the Home: System Architecture and Preliminary Results. 01/11/2019 Herrero P, El-Sharkawy M, Daniels J, Jugnee N, Uduku CN, Reddy M, Oliver N, Georgiou P Journal Article Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology
Contribution of rare coding mutations in CD36 to type 2 diabetes and cardio-metabolic complications 20/11/2019 Meyre D, Andress EJ, Sharma T, Snippe M, Asif H, Maharaj A, Vatin V, Gaget S, Besnard P, Choquet H, Froguel P, Linton KJ Article, Journal Scientific Reports
Time matters: Point of care screening and streamlined linkage to care dramatically improves hepatitis C treatment uptake in prisoners in England. 20/11/2019 Mohamed Z, Al-Kurdi D, Nelson M, Shimakawa Y, Selvapatt N, Lacey J, Thursz MR, Lemoine M, Brown AS Journal Article International Journal of Drug Policy
Association of troponin level and age with mortality in 250 000 patients: cohort study across five UK acute care centres 21/11/2019 Kaura A, Panoulas V, Glampson B, Davies J, Mulla A, Woods K, Omigie J, Shah AD, Channon KM, Weber JN, Thursz MR, Elliott P, Hemingway H, Williams B, Asselbergs F, O’Sullivan M, Kharbanda R, Lord GM, Melikian N, Patel RS, Perera D, Shah AM, Francis DP, Mayet J Article, Journal BMJ: British Medical Journal
Suppression of enteroendocrine cell glucagon-like peptide (GLP)-1 release by fat-induced small intestinal ketogenesis: a mechanism targeted by Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery but not by preoperative very-low-calorie diet. 21/11/2019 Wallenius V, Elias E, Elebring E, Haisma B, Casselbrant A, Larraufie P, Spak E, Reimann F, le Roux CW, Docherty NG, Gribble FM, Fändriks L Journal Article Gut
HyperTraPS: Inferring Probabilistic Patterns of Trait Acquisition in Evolutionary and Disease Progression Pathways. 22/11/2019 Greenbury SF, Barahona M, Johnston IG Journal Article Cell Systems
Burnout, well-being and defensive medical practice among obstetricians and gynaecologists in the UK: cross-sectional survey study. 25/11/2019 Bourne T, Shah H, Falconieri N, Timmerman D, Lees C, Wright A, Lumsden MA, Regan L, Van Calster B Journal Article BMJ Open
Interrogating host immunity to predict treatment response in inflammatory bowel disease. 25/11/2019 Digby-Bell JL, Atreya R, Monteleone G, Powell N Journal Article, Review Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology
A Contribution to the Harmonization of Non-targeted NMR Methods for Data-Driven Food Authenticity Assessment 26/11/2019 Gallo V, Ragone R, Musio B, Todisco S, Rizzuti A, Mastrorilli P, Pontrelli S, Intini N, Scapicchio P, Triggiani M, Pascazio A, Cobas C, Mari S, Garino C, Arlorio M, Acquotti D, Airoldi C, Arnesano F, Assfalg M, Barison A, Benevelli F, Borioni A, Cagliani LR, Casadei L, Marincola FC, Colson K, Consonni R, Costantino G, Cremonini MA, Davalli S, Duarte I, Guyader S, Hamon E, Hegmanns M, Lamanna R, Longobardi F, Mallamace D, Mammi S, Markus M, Menezes LRA, Milone S, Molero-Vilchez D, Mucci A, Napoli C, Rossi MC, Sáez-Barajas E, Savorani F, Schievano E, Sciubba F, Sobolev A, Takis PG, Thomas F, Villa-Valverde P, Grabowska A Journal article Food Analytical Methods
A model for determining cardiac mitochondrial substrate utilisation using stable 13C-labelled metabolites. 26/11/2019 Lindsay RT, Demetriou D, Manetta-Jones D, West JA, Murray AJ, Griffin JL Journal Article Metabolomics
Faecal neutrophil elastase-antiprotease balance reflects colitis severity. 26/11/2019 Barry R, Ruano-Gallego D, Radhakrishnan ST, Lovell S, Yu L, Kotik O, Glegola-Madejska I, Tate EW, Choudhary JS, Williams HRT, Frankel G Journal Article Mucosal Immunology
Plasma lipid profiles discriminate bacterial from viral infection in febrile children. 27/11/2019 Wang X, Nijman R, Camuzeaux S, Sands C, Jackson H, Kaforou M, Emonts M, Herberg JA, Maconochie I, Carrol ED, Paulus SC, Zenz W, Van der Flier M, de Groot R, Martinon-Torres F, Schlapbach LJ, Pollard AJ, Fink C, Kuijpers TT, Anderson S, Lewis MR, Levin M, McClure M, EUCLIDS consortium Journal Article Scientific Reports
Exploring the acceptability and feasibility of patient-initiated follow-up for women treated for stage I endometrial cancer. 28/11/2019 Beaver K, Martin-Hirsch P, Williamson S, Kyrgiou M Journal Article European Journal of Oncology Nursing (EJON)
In-field evaluation of Xpert® HCV viral load fingerstick assay in people who inject drugs in Tanzania. 28/11/2019 Mohamed Z, Mbwambo J, Rwegasha J, Mgina N, Doulla B, Mwakale P, Tuaillon E, Chevaliez S, Shimakawa Y, Taylor-Robinson SD, Thursz MR, Brown AS, Lemoine M Journal Article Liver International
Moderate intensity exercise training combined with inulin-propionate ester supplementation increases whole body resting fat oxidation in overweight women. 29/11/2019 Malkova D, Polyviou T, Rizou E, Gerasimidis K, Chambers ES, Preston T, Tedford CM, Frost G, Morrison DJ Journal Article Metabolism: clinical and experimental
The association of fish consumption and its urinary metabolites with cardiovascular risk factors: the International Study of Macro-/Micronutrients and Blood Pressure (INTERMAP). 29/11/2019 Gibson R, Lau C-HE, Loo RL, Ebbels TMD, Chekmeneva E, Dyer AR, Miura K, Ueshima H, Zhao L, Daviglus ML, Stamler J, Van Horn L, Elliott P, Holmes E, Chan Q Journal Article American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Antibiotic therapy and outcome from immune-checkpoint inhibitors 01/12/2019 Pinato DJ, Gramenitskaya D, Altmann DM, Boyton RJ, Mullish BH, Marchesi JR, Bower M Journal article Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer
Computer algorithm compared with routine clinical practice in screening for deep venous thrombosis in the leg in an emergency department. 01/12/2019 Steer P, Nader A, Ostler A, Malik O, Prior R, Scurr J Journal Article Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
Determining the Predominant Lesion in Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis and Coronary Stenoses: A Multicenter Study Using Intracoronary Pressure and Flow. 01/12/2019 Ahmad Y, Vendrik J, Eftekhari A, Howard JP, Cook C, Rajkumar C, Malik I, Mikhail G, Ruparelia N, Hadjiloizou N, Nijjer S, Al-Lamee R, Petraco R, Warisawa T, Wijntjens GWM, Koch KT, van de Hoef T, de Waard G, Echavarria-Pinto M, Frame A, Sutaria N, Kanaganayagam G, Ariff B, Anderson J, Chukwuemeka A, Fertleman M, Koul S, Iglesias JF, Francis D, Mayet J, Serruys P, Davies J, Escaned J, van Royen N, Götberg M, Juhl Terkelsen C, Høj Christiansen E, Piek JJ, Baan J, Sen S Journal Article Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions
Gene Expression in Granulosa Cells From Small Antral Follicles From Women With or Without Polycystic Ovaries. 01/12/2019 Owens LA, Kristensen SG, Lerner A, Christopoulos G, Lavery S, Hanyaloglu AC, Hardy K, Yding Andersen C, Franks S Journal Article Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1). 01/12/2019 Müller TD, Finan B, Bloom SR, D’Alessio D, Drucker DJ, Flatt PR, Fritsche A, Gribble F, Grill HJ, Habener JF, Holst JJ, Langhans W, Meier JJ, Nauck MA, Perez-Tilve D, Pocai A, Reimann F, Sandoval DA, Schwartz TW, Seeley RJ, Stemmer K, Tang-Christensen M, Woods SC, DiMarchi RD, Tschöp MH Journal Article, Review Molecular Metabolism
How can we improve the diagnosis and management of bladder pain syndrome? Part 2:ICI-RS 2018. 01/12/2019 Khullar V, Digesu GA, Veit-Rubin N, Sahai A, Rahnama’i MS, Tarcan T, Chermansky C, Dmochowski R Journal Article, Review Neurourology and Urodynamics
International consensus conference on stool banking for faecal microbiota transplantation in clinical practice 01/12/2019 Cammarota G, Ianiro G, Kelly CR, Mullish BH, Allegretti JR, Kassam Z, Putignani L, Fischer M, Keller JJ, Costello SP, Sokol H, Kump P, Satokari R, Kahn SA, Kao D, Arkkila P, Kuijper EJ, Vehreschild MJGT, Pintus C, Lopetuso L, Masucci L, Scaldaferri F, Terveer EM, Nieuwdorp M, López-Sanromán A, Kupcinskas J, Hart A, Tilg H, Gasbarrini A Journal article Gut
Pathology of immune-mediated tissue lesions following treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors. 01/12/2019 Ibraheim H, Perucha E, Powell N Journal Article Rheumatology
Prediction of spontaneous vaginal delivery in nulliparous women with a prolonged second stage of labor: the value of intrapartum ultrasound. 01/12/2019 Dall’Asta A, Angeli L, Masturzo B, Volpe N, Schera GBL, Di Pasquo E, Girlando F, Attini R, Menato G, Frusca T, Ghi T Journal Article American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Quantitative Differences in TGF-β Family Members Measured in Small Antral Follicle Fluids From Women With or Without PCO. 01/12/2019 Kristensen SG, Kumar A, Kalra B, Pors SE, Bøtkjær JA, Mamsen LS, Colmorn LB, Fedder J, Ernst E, Owens LA, Hardy K, Franks S, Andersen CY Journal Article Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Steroidogenic control of liver metabolism through a nuclear receptor-network. 01/12/2019 Milona A, Massafra V, Vos H, Naik J, Artigas N, Paterson HAB, Bijsmans ITGW, Willemsen ECL, Ramos Pittol JM, Miguel-Aliaga I, Bosma P, Burgering BMT, Williamson C, Vernia S, Dhillo WS, van Mil SWC, Owen BM Journal Article Molecular Metabolism
The homeostatic dynamics of feeding behaviour identify novel mechanisms of anorectic agents. 01/12/2019 McGrath TM, Spreckley E, Rodriguez AF, Viscomi C, Alamshah A, Akalestou E, Murphy KG, Jones NS Journal Article PLoS Biology
Pancreatic Islet Transcriptional Enhancers and Diabetes 01/12/2019 Cebola I Journal article Current Diabetes Reports
Interleukin-22 orchestrates a pathological endoplasmic reticulum stress response transcriptional programme in colonic epithelial cells. 02/12/2019 Powell N, Pantazi E, Pavlidis P, Tsakmaki A, Li K, Yang F, Parker A, Pin C, Cozzetto D, Minns D, Stolarczyk E, Saveljeva S, Mohamed R, Lavender P, Afzali B, Digby-Bell J, Tjir-Li T, Kaser A, Friedman J, MacDonald TT, Bewick GA, Lord GM Journal Article, Review Gut
Effect of Sex and Underlying Disease on the Genetic Association of QT Interval and Sudden Cardiac Death. 03/12/2019 Mitchell RN, Ashar FN, Jarvelin M-R, Froguel P, Sotoodehnia N, Brody JA, Sebert S, Huikuri H, Rioux J, Goyette P, Newcomb CE, Junttila MJ, Arking DE Journal Article Journal of the American Heart Association
Junction Mapper is a novel computer vision tool to decipher cell-cell contact phenotypes. 03/12/2019 Brezovjakova H, Tomlinson C, Mohd Naim N, Swiatlowska P, Erasmus JE, Huveneers S, Gorelik J, Bruche S, Braga VM Journal Article eLife
Longitudinal metabolic and gut bacterial profiling of pregnant women with previous bariatric surgery 04/12/2019 West K, Kanu C, Maric T, McDonald J, Nicholson J, Li J, Johnson M, Holmes E, Savvidou M Journal article Gut
Laparoscopic repair of utero-peritoneal fistula. 05/12/2019 Jones BP, Rajamanoharan A, Trew G, Farthing A Journal Article Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
High-resolution label-free 3D mapping of extracellular pH of single living cells. 06/12/2019 Zhang Y, Takahashi Y, Hong SP, Liu F, Bednarska J, Goff PS, Novak P, Shevchuk A, Gopal S, Barozzi I, Magnani L, Sakai H, Suguru Y, Fujii T, Erofeev A, Gorelkin P, Majouga A, Weiss DJ, Edwards C, Ivanov AP, Klenerman D, Sviderskaya EV, Edel JB, Korchev Y Journal Article Nature Communications
Chronic diarrhea, bile acids, and Clostridia. 09/12/2019 Walters JR, Marchesi JR Journal Article Journal of Clinical Investigation
Ultrasound imaging of the perineal body: a useful clinical tool. 11/12/2019 Asfour V, Digesu GA, Fernando R, Khullar V Journal Article International Urogynecology Journal and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
A survey of current practices by the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society (BOPSS) and recommendations for delivering a sustainable multidisciplinary approach to thyroid eye disease in the United Kingdom. 13/12/2019 Lee V, Avari P, Williams B, Perros P, Dayan C, British Oculoplastic Surgery Society (BOPSS) and TEAMeD Journal Article Eye
Self-monitoring of Blood Glucose Requirements with the Use of Intermittently Scanned Continuous Glucose Monitoring. 13/12/2019 Reddy M, Oliver N Journal Article Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics
A prospective cohort analysis of gut microbial co-metabolism in Alaska Native and rural African people at high and low risk of colorectal cancer. 18/12/2019 Ocvirk S, Wilson AS, Posma JM, Li JV, Koller KR, Day GM, Flanagan CA, Otto JE, Sacco PE, Sacco FD, Sapp FR, Wilson AS, Newton K, Brouard F, DeLany JP, Behnning M, Appolonia CN, Soni D, Bhatti F, Methé B, Fitch A, Morris A, Gaskins HR, Kinross J, Nicholson JK, Thomas TK, O’Keefe SJD Journal Article American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
FAMIN is a multifunctional purine enzyme enabling the purine nucleotide cycle 18/12/2019 Cader MZ, Rodrigues RPDA, West JA, Sewell GW, Md-Ibrahim MN, Unger LW, Reikine S, Sirago G, Lawley TD, Bradley A, Dougan G, Modis Y, Griffin J, Kaser A Journal article Cell
Genotype-free demultiplexing of pooled single-cell RNA-seq. 19/12/2019 Xu J, Falconer C, Nguyen Q, Crawford J, McKinnon BD, Mortlock S, Senabouth A, Andersen S, Chiu HS, Jiang L, Palpant NJ, Yang J, Mueller MD, Hewitt AW, Pébay A, Montgomery GW, Powell JE, Coin LJM Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t Genome Biology
Microbial functional change is linked with clinical outcomes after capsular fecal transplant in cirrhosis 19/12/2019 Bajaj JS, Salzman N, Acharya C, Takei H, Kakiyama G, Fagan A, White MB, Gavis EA, Holtz ML, Hayward M, Nittono H, Hylemon PB, Cox IJ, Williams R, Taylor-Robinson SD, Sterling RK, Matherly SC, Fuchs M, Lee H, Puri P, Stravitz RT, Sanyal AJ, Ajayi L, Le Guennec A, Atkinson RA, Siddiqui MS, Luketic V, Pandak WM, Sikaroodi M, Gillevet PM Article, Journal JCI insight
Training of deep convolutional neural networks to identify critical liver alterations in histopathology image samples 19/12/2019 Arjmand A, Angelis CT, Christou V, Tzallas AT, Tsipouras MG, Glavas E, Forlano R, Manousou P, Giannakeas N Journal article Applied Sciences
Vitamin D-binding protein is required for the maintenance of α-cell function and glucagon secretion 19/12/2019 Viloria K, Nasteska D, Briant LJB, Heising S, Larner D, Fine NHF, Ashford F, Silva Xavier GD, Ramos MJ, Manning Fox J, MacDonald P, Akerman I, Lavery G, Flaxman C, Morgan N, Richardson S, Hewison M, Hodson D Preprint 0
An abnormal cerebroplacental ratio (CPR) is predictive of early childhood delayed neurodevelopment in the setting of fetal growth restriction. 20/12/2019 Stampalija T, Arabin B, Wolf H, Bilardo CM, Lees C Letter American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Early Detection in a Mouse Model of Pancreatic Cancer by Imaging DNA Damage Response Signalling. 20/12/2019 Knight JC, Baguna Torres J, Goldin R, Mosley M, Dias GM, Contreras Bravo L, Kersemans V, Allen PD, Mukherjee S, Smart SC, Cornelissen B Journal Article Journal of Nuclear Medicine
Effect of semolina pudding prepared from starch branching enzyme IIa and b mutant wheat on glycaemic response in vitro and in vivo: a randomised controlled pilot study. 20/12/2019 Corrado M, Cherta-Murillo A, Chambers ES, Wood AJ, Plummer A, Lovegrove A, Edwards CH, Frost GS, Hazard BA Journal Article Food and Function
Exploring metabolic consequences of CPS1 and CAD dysregulation in hepatocellular carcinoma by network reconstruction 20/12/2019 Dumenci O, U AMR, Khan S, Holmes E, Taylor-Robinson S Article Journal of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
We know how to write guidelines, now we need to implement them. 20/12/2019 Steer PJ Journal Article BJOG: an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
The Relationship between Fish Intake and Urinary Trimethylamine-N-Oxide. 21/12/2019 Yin X, Gibbons H, Rundle M, Frost G, McNulty BA, Nugent AP, Walton J, Flynn A, Brennan L Journal Article Molecular Nutrition and Food Research
Proteomic analysis of malignant and benign endometrium according to obesity and insulin resistance status using Reverse Phase Protein Array 23/12/2019 Kyrgiou M Journal article Translational Research: the journal of laboratory and clinical medicine
Recent advances in alcohol-related liver disease (ALD): summary of a Gut round table meeting. 26/12/2019 Avila MA, Dufour J-F, Gerbes AL, Zoulim F, Bataller R, Burra P, Cortez-Pinto H, Gao B, Gilmore I, Mathurin P, Moreno C, Poznyak V, Schnabl B, Szabo G, Thiele M, Thursz MR Journal Article, Review Gut
High-Throughput, Machine Learning-based Quantification of Steatosis, Inflammation, Ballooning, and Fibrosis in Biopsies From Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. 27/12/2019 Forlano R, Mullish BH, Giannakeas N, Maurice JB, Angkathunyakul N, Lloyd J, Tzallas AT, Tsipouras M, Yee M, Thursz MR, Goldin RD, Manousou P Journal Article Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
A Low Energy Total Diet Replacement Intervention in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity Treated with Insulin – A Randomized Trial 28/12/2019 Frost G, Brown A Journal article BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care
Authors’ reply re: Computerised analysis of intrapartum fetal heart rate patterns and adverse outcomes in the INFANT trial 29/12/2019 Steer PJ, McKenzie C, Linsell L Letter, Early Access, Journal BJOG: an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Expression of AXL receptor tyrosine kinase relates to monocyte dysfunction and severity of cirrhosis. 01/01/2020 Brenig R, Pop OT, Triantafyllou E, Geng A, Singanayagam A, Perez-Shibayama C, Besse L, Cupovic J, Künzler P, Boldanova T, Brand S, Semela D, Duong FH, Weston CJ, Ludewig B, Heim MH, Wendon J, Antoniades CG, Bernsmeier C Journal Article Life Science Alliance
FEMA GRAS assessment of natural flavor complexes: Mint, buchu, dill and caraway derived flavoring ingredients. 01/01/2020 Cohen SM, Eisenbrand G, Fukushima S, Gooderham NJ, Guengerich FP, Hecht SS, Rietjens IMCM, Bastaki M, Davidsen JM, Harman CL, McGowen MM, Taylor SV Journal Article Food and Chemical Toxicology
Highlights from the literature 01/01/2020 Gallagher J, Segal J Editorial Material, Editorial, Journal Frontline Gastroenterology
HLA-DQA1*05 Carriage Associated With Development of Anti-Drug Antibodies to Infliximab and Adalimumab in Patients With Crohn’s Disease 01/01/2020 Sazonovs A, Kennedy NA, Moutsianas L, Heap GA, Rice DL, Reppell M, Bewshea CM, Chanchlani N, Walker GJ, Perry MH, McDonald TJ, Lees CW, Cummings JRF, Parkes M, Mansfield JC, Irving PM, Barrett JC, McGovern D, Goodhand JR, Anderson CA, Ahmad T Article, Journal Gastroenterology
O-RADS US Risk Stratification and Management System: A Consensus Guideline from the ACR Ovarian-Adnexal Reporting and Data System Committee 01/01/2020 Andreotti RF, Timmerman D, Strachowski LM, Froyman W, Benacerraf BR, Bennett GL, Bourne T, Brown DL, Coleman BG, Frates MC, Goldstein SR, Hamper UH, Horrow MM, Hernanz-Schulman M, Reinhold C, Rose SL, Whitcomb BP, Wolfman WL, Glanc P Article, Journal Radiology
Randomized controlled trial: Arabin pessary to prevent preterm birth in twin pregnancies with short cervix 01/01/2020 Norman JE, Norrie J, MacLennan G, Cooper D, Whyte S, Chowdhry S, Cunningham-Burley S, Mei X, Smith J, Shennan A, Robson S, Thornton S, Kilby M, Marlow N, Stock SJ, Bennett P, Denton J Meeting Abstract, Abstract, Journal American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
The association between vaginal bacterial composition and miscarriage: a nested case-control study. 01/01/2020 Al-Memar M, Bobdiwala S, Fourie H, Mannino R, Lee YS, Smith A, Marchesi JR, Timmerman D, Bourne T, Bennett PR, MacIntyre DA Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t BJOG: an International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Effects of once-weekly semaglutide vs once-daily canagliflozin on body composition in type 2 diabetes: a substudy of the SUSTAIN 8 randomised controlled clinical trial 02/01/2020 McCrimmon RJ, Catarig A-M, Frias JP, Lausvig NL, le Roux CW, Thielke D, Lingvay I Article, Early Access, Journal Diabetologia
Live Birth in Sex-Reversed XY Mice Lacking the Nuclear Receptor Dax1 02/01/2020 Owen B Journal article Scientific Reports
Description of a new technique for automatic sonographic measurement of variation of head-perineum distance and angle of progression during active phase of second stage of labor. 07/01/2020 Angeli L, Conversano F, Dall’Asta A, Volpe N, Simone M, Di Pasquo E, Pignatelli D, Schera GLB, Di Paola M, Ricciardi P, Ferretti A, Frusca T, Casciaro S, Ghi T Journal Article Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Homozygous hypomorphic HNF1A alleles are a novel cause of young-onset diabetes and result in sulphonylurea sensitive diabetes 07/01/2020 Misra S, hassanali N, Bennet A, Juszczak A, Caswell R, Colclough K, Valabhji J, Ellard S, Oliver N, Gloyn A Journal article Diabetes Care
Evaluation of Heart Rate Variability and Endothelial Function 3 Months After Bariatric Surgery. 08/01/2020 Gomide Braga T, das Graças Coelho de Souza M, Maranhão PA, Menezes M, Dellatorre-Teixeira L, Bouskela E, Le Roux CW, Kraemer-Aguiar LG Journal Article Obesity Surgery
A pragmatic and scalable strategy using mobile technology to promote sustained lifestyle changes to prevent type 2 diabetes in India and the UK: a randomised controlled trial. 09/01/2020 Nanditha A, Thomson H, Susairaj P, Srivanichakorn W, Oliver N, Godsland IF, Majeed A, Darzi A, Satheesh K, Simon M, Raghavan A, Vinitha R, Snehalatha C, Westgate K, Brage S, Sharp SJ, Wareham NJ, Johnston DG, Ramachandran A Journal Article Diabetologia
Brake dust exposure exacerbates inflammation and transiently compromises phagocytosis in macrophages. 09/01/2020 Selley L, Schuster L, Marbach H, Forsthuber T, Forbes B, Gant TW, Sandström T, Camiña N, Athersuch TJ, Mudway I, Kumar A Journal Article Metallomics: integrated biometal science
Integrative analysis of time course metabolic data and biomarker discovery. 09/01/2020 Jendoubi T, Ebbels TMD Journal Article BMC Bioinformatics
Nanoscale Mapping Reveals Functional Differences in Ion Channels Populating the Membrane of Primary Cilia. 10/01/2020 Torres-Pérez JV, Naeem H, Thompson CL, Knight MM, Novak P Journal Article Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
The Gut Microbiome: What Every Gastroenterologist Needs to Know 10/01/2020 Mullish BH, Quraishi MN, Segal JP, Ianiro G, Iqbal TH Journal article Frontline Gastroenterology
Ursodeoxycholic acid enriches intestinal bile salt hydrolase-expressing Bacteroidetes in cholestatic pregnancy 10/01/2020 Ovadia C, Perdones Montero A, Fan HM, Mullish B, McDonald J, Papacleovoulou G, Wahlstrom A, Stahlman M, Tsakmaki A, Clarke L, Sklavounos A, Dixon P, Bewick G, Walters J, Marschall H-U, Marchesi J, Williamson C Journal article Scientific Reports
P844 Higher proportions of genera and species in the Firmicutes phylum are associated with a healthy pouch compared with patients with chronic pouchitis 15/01/2020 Segal J, Mullish B, Clark S, Marchesi J, Hart A Journal article Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis
The impact of progesterone and RU-486 on classic pro-labour proteins & contractility in human myometrial tissues during 24-hour exposure to tension & interleukin-1 beta 15/01/2020 Lai PF, Georgiou EX, Tribe RM, Johnson MR Article, Journal Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology

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