Hi guys. Just post to introduce myself shortly. My name is Igor, originally I’m from Ukraine, but also spent some time living in Siberia, Russia. Yeah, it’s really pretty cold there, but bears are not walking at streets.

Before coming to Imperial I was working on one of the biggest Ukrainian TV-Channels as Head of New Media Division. You may have already guessed, that I’m one of those guys, who are mad about all this new technologies and their implementation in marketing. I also was involved in ‘digital life’ of such companies as Samsung, Sony Ericsson (before they became just Sony) and different local Ukrainian retail and FMCG brands, working at Tzifir digital agency and O2PR agency.

So, have some pieces of digital experience and hope to get much more at Imperial. And really I do. Only in one month I understood how much I didn’t know about branding, consumer behavior and other important marketing elements. So great! But about this in my future posts.

Don’t you switch off this channel 😉



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