As you can read on the other posts, yes, we’re halfway the first term! It’s been busy, very busy, but challenging and motivating too. We started with Accounting, Health Informatics and Marketing. Accounting is probably the toughest subject for those who, like me, have never studied anything related to economics or finance. But, even if you have to work hard to be up to date, the teaching system is well designed so that at the end of the course you feel that you have really made the most of it.

So we’ve worked a lot! Individually but also in syndicate groups. We’ve had many hours at the Business School between classes and, if you are a prospective student, I recommend you to spend all these hours working in groups so you can better enjoy your free time in London. We’ve had to submit an assignment for Accounting, prepared a debate for Health Informatics and do an experiment and a presentation for Marketing. They all take quite a long time, so never leave all the work until the end!

However, don’t feel afraid of the course! You also have free time, but you have to try to make the most of it too. As you can see, there is something you must bear in mindif you are to come to the Business School next September: a good time management is essential. If you manage your time efficiently, you will enjoy this course a lot!

So work hard to get a place in the Business School next year and keep reading us!

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