The Strategic Marketing Legacy

I’ll be honest, the best part about being enrolled on the second year running of the Strategic Marketing course has the benefit of what I like to call the Alumni Legacy, which was presented to us in the form of a ‘Where’s my distinction, man?!’ session by two gloriously experienced students from last year.

Often, in the first few weeks of your degree programme, you find yourself slowly wheeling off the edge of sanity, trying to balance yourself on the mounds of coursework, exams (approaching sooner than I can count to January), exploring London and spending time with your chums. Everyone has a load of random friends from the past scattered about the big smoke, and everyone definitely has a load of friends who suddenly decide it’s the perfect time to visit. Makes you feel a bit like scrambled eggs. You know when you try to fry them sunny side up and the yolk leaks out and you scramble them with a face full of shame and pretend the scrambling was your intention in the first place? Worst metaphor ever? As long as records are being made, I’ll take that…

Right, ramble over.

Alumni Presentation - Snapshot


Last week, two angels descended upon us to go through their experience of the programme and provided us with an extremely comprehensive set of tips for just about everything – how to get through group work and the inevitable drama that comes with it, how to structure assignments and prepare for exams, and most importantly, where to get sustenance (i.e. food) when you get the munchies stuck on Exhibition Road at 11pm on a Wednesday night. Well, not just a Wednesday night, but that had a better ring to it. All hail timely guidance, even if it has doubled how much I’m expecting to read over the Xmas holidays. Boo. Yawn. Moan. Wail. But let’s face it, a few distinctions in the bag would be EPIC so once the next two deadlines have passed, hibernation mode with the books and journals will be activated. And the odd blog or two to keep you updated on stress levels.

To ease the pain of what we had just learnt in terms of the high standards of performance expected from us, the Business School did provide us with some divine free pizza and drinks at Eastside (our union-ish local) and it is my intention to consume twenty-grand’s worth of the aforementioned items by the time this course is over. You’re all thinking it too, don’t judge me.

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