First round finished, ready for the second!

Back again! It’s been a hard term but we finished the first term exams last Friday and we can breathe again. Well, really not for a long time, it seems!

Next year students might be interested in knowing that we had the first term exams just after the break. We had three entire weeks for revisions (last two of December and the first of January) and then… 5 exams in a row! As I did, you might want to go back home on holidays so, my recommendation, start working hard and studying from the very beginning of the course, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy your “deserved” holidays. Keep this in mind!

And my personal evaluation for this first term: great. I really don’t know how to explain how lucky I feel for being studying here. I studied Biochemistry a few years ago, and I loved it. I worked as a researcher after that, and I loved it. Then, I worked at a pharmaceutical company, and I loved it too. But my experience here at Imperial College Business School is being amazing, I am learning how the world works and I am gaining a huge variety of skills that will make me capable of finding my place in the future. And, apart from lectures, this master’s is a very easy way to make friends from all over the world and learning about their cultures. In summary, highly recommendable!

Now, we have started three new modules: Health Economics, Management Challenges, and Managing Change and Innovation. The three of them seem to be challenging, but I will keep you informed the following weeks, okay?

Thanks for reading me and if you have any questions regarding to modules or about our life as students of MSc IHM, do not hesitate to post here and I will be answering them happily.

See you soon!


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