Month: December 2018

……..and its a wrap….. Goodbye 2018….. Hello 2019…..

I still remember this day, January 9th, 2017 when I just arrived London to commence the Global Online MBA program at Imperial College Business School. I was absolutely terrified and 110% sure that I was making a huge mistake for several reasons. Top on the list was the decision to pursue an MBA degree during the time when exchange rate for GBP/NGN was over 500. Yeah, it was almost suicidal. I totally agree. In addition, as a mother to two young children and coupled with a very demanding job, I was so sure I would fail or at best defer the program. But guess what, I am an evidence that when you first seek God’s support and you’re ready to work really hard; then what initially seemed like failure turns out to be a success.

On December 3rd, 2018, I submitted my final project which was the last outstanding for the MBA degree. Just like that 24-months of intense hard work has come and ended. I feel so truly blessed and fulfilled. Also, I am so certain my father (may he continue to rest in peace) would be so very proud of me. Over the last 24-months, I have stretched my mind beyond limits I never knew existed or was even possible. During the program, I met some truly amazing people who has in one way or the other played a significant role in not just the program but my future career. I have met some truly inspiring people that has not only increased my inner-ambitiousness but made me see reasons why creating and contributing value to a firm and society as a whole is so important.

Now equipped with an MBA degree from this amazing academic institution and backed by strong experience in the Banking and Financial services sector; I am so excited about the future. For me, the future starts tomorrow as I re-order my steps entering into the New Year – 2019. This program has been so valuable to me both personally and professionally. I am now certain that my passion lies in my ability to provide support to people and society as a whole; either directly or indirectly.

Africa is my home. Africa is my passion. My dream for the continent is the ability to feed itself, electricity itself, trade with itself and simply invest in its people. My passion lies in the numerous ways I can help Africa build and strengthen its infrastructure network. The ultimate goal and achievement here is to see how quality of life across the continent will be improved. The opportunities for Africa to grow, invest in itself and partner with investors is just limitless. At the end of my MBA program, I have clearly identified Africa’s ‘’pain’’ which is its limited growth arising from inadequate infrastructure and extreme poverty. Thus, for the rest of my professional career I pledge to work towards helping Africa overcome this ‘’pain’’ by contributing to the improvement of one or more of the existing infrastructural deficit.

The future is bright. My future is bright….and Africa is my focus.

Congratulations to me and my entire January 2017 cohort for the completion of the MBA degree at Imperial College Business School. I really look forward to seeing you all next year at Graduation.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to share my blog. Oh yeah and I promise to post more next year.

Happy New Year in advance.