GTA opportunity – ReCoDE learning resource project (closing date: 29 Feb 2024)

We are looking for GTAs who are interested in sharing their experience with research computing and data science. 

The Research Computing and Data Science (RCDS) team from the Graduate School would like to invite you to work on the ReCoDE project funded by the Imperial Excellence Fund for Learning and Teaching innovation.

ReCoDE (Research Computing and Data Science Exemplars) aims to gather exemplars of introductory high-quality end to end research computing and data science projects from all disciplines. ReCoDE will be used by new postgraduate students to develop research computing skills that underpin the majority of our research projectsYour involvement will consist of designing and developing one exemplar project. You will regularly discuss your work with learning and software development experts – a great learning opportunity for you as well.


  • higher GTA pay rate
  • approximately 45 hours engagement from early March to early June
  • regular meeting with the RCDS staff and research software engineers
  • work consists of developing the exemplar code and preparing inventive documentation and annotation
  • flexible hours (as long as they are evenly spread)
  • it is possible to adapt an existing project

All details and a registration form are at

Do not wait to pitch an idea, the next round of development will consists of four exemplars and will start in early March 2024 – closing date for consideration is February 29.

Your colleague who has worked with us said about the experience:

“Participating in the ReCoDE project has been an enriching experience in my PhD journey. It allowed me to systematically structure and apply the knowledge I’ve gained, significantly deepening my understanding in those areas. More importantly, it gave me the invaluable opportunity to plan and execute a project within a fixed timeline. This experience has enhanced my technical and organizational skills and prepared me for the demands of academic research, making it an integral part of my doctoral training.” (Antoni, PhD student, Computing)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Katerina for the RCDS team

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