Volunteer at Grantham Climate Art Prize competition

Grantham Climate Art Prize – opportunities for student and staff researchers at the Great Exhibition Road Festival on Sat 17 – Sun 18 June 2022

Interested in doing some outreach with young people to raise awareness about climate change? The team organising this year’s Grantham Climate Art Prize competition would love to hear from you. We are hosting a series of workshops for 12 – 25 year olds to design a mural capturing a vision of a cooler, more sustainable world – our world in 2050. The aim is to draw attention to the steps we can all take to reduce our impact on the planet as detailed in the 9 things you can do about climate change.

Workshops will take place in London (and other UK locations TBC) in June – August, including at the Great Exhibition Road Festival on 17 – 18 June.

We have two roles at the festival:

  1. To talk about climate change – what it is, what can be done to reduce its impacts and how urgently change needs to happen. A mural artist will then talk about design techniques for creating an outstanding eye-catching mural that motivates individuals to stop, think and make a difference.
  2. To greet guests, explain the activity, give out materials, liaise between young people, scientists and artists and answer any questions.

For you this will be an opportunity to enhance your communication skills and also collaborate with a diverse group of young people. We hope through these workshops that young people will come up with some fantastic designs for outdoor murals in public spaces. We are partnering with Octopus Energy, as we did for our 2021 art prize, and expect this will get good media and social media coverage again. After the winning designs have been chosen and murals have been painted, winning and runner up designs will also be displayed on billboard and in exhibitions.

Students and scientists involved in the last art prize gave very positive feedback! For more info please contact Linsey Wynton (Media and Outreach Officer) l.wynton@imperial.ac.uk

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