Month: April 2023

Turn your old tech into teaching opportunities for refugees

Imperial has signed up to the SocialBox.Biz Scholarships for Refugees and Homeless People campaign, hallmarking the organisation’s dedication to giving back to those in need while also reducing environmental pollution.

ICT are leading this sustainability drive which is another great way for Imperial to get to NetZero for pollution by 2030.

When you donate old, but still usable technology, to the initiative, they will clear the device of any sensitive data, install open-source software on it, and donate suitable items to refugees and people experiencing homelessness to reuse in their learning.

What and how can you donate?

If you are doing a home or office Spring clear out, please give us your old, but still usable:

  • Computers and laptops (i5 processors and above)
  • Smartphones
  • iPads
  • Servers
  • Routers

Don’t forget to disable any face ID or PINs from your devices before you donate, and include power leads.

If you donate personal devices (non-college items) it is your responsibility to wipe them or back up data from any hard drives.

It’s really easy to donate, you can drop your items to ICT or they can collect from your office – just complete this form.