Imperial Brand Project: share your views

We have begun a piece of work to strengthen Imperial’s brand.

During the consultation process on our institutional strategy many of you expressed huge pride in Imperial’s achievements. But you also urged that we tell the Imperial story with more confidence.

The Imperial Brand Project responds to this.

The goal is a brand identity that better reflects Imperial’s ambition and vision, helps us communicate more effectively with all our audiences, and differentiates us more clearly from others.

This should bring multiple benefits, from student recruitment, to attracting new partners and funding, to our general reputation and ranking.

We want all parts of our community to help shape this work.

Today we begin a period of engagement with our whole community on the initial ideas for our verbal and visual identity that will run until 13 October. We are excited to share this work in progress and we hope you will see how your team and roles can be reflected in it – as well as the ambition and aspirations you have shared for Imperial.

Please visit the project webpage where you can watch a video presentation and share feedback, and register your interest to attend a feedback session hosted by the design studio, Pentagram.

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