What really happens during a “revision day”

We all have unreasonable expectations about how much we will be able to revise during the day. We wake up with a “LET’S DO THIS” attitude that seems to dwindle before you have even made it down for breakfast.

A few years ago my dad gave me some ‘advice’ before exam revision began.

“There are 24 hours in a day. Take away 8 hours for sleep that leaves you with 16 hours. Minus time for eating your 3 meals and you are down to 14 hours. Maybe minus an hour for general faffing around and toilet breaks and you are left with a solid 13 hours to revise.”

I had nothing to respond to this and I am sure one day I may be able to fulfil this 13 hour day I dream of being able to conquer.

However, this really isn’t what happens. When I have managed to wake up after several attempts to kill my alarm clock I will go for a shower and have some breakfast. By now I am tired again and believe it is time for a break of either a bit of TV or a browse of what is occurring on facebook that day. It may then be time for the designated 11 o’clock Tea break if I am in the luxury of my mums company. Of course, that is the perfect opportunity to see what the Loose Women are chatting about that day…

“Oooh look at the time, it is time for lunch”. By the time you know it is 2’oclock and you are crying at the final scene in Made in Chelsea. How can you work after watching that?!? You go back to your room to start work  properly. After locating the perfect Spotify playlist for your “mood”, you are working hard and intently. Lecture done, time for a break. You make your way downstairs and LOOK WHATS ON TV. Nothing. You flick through the channels trying to find something but nothing is on. It is probably a sign that you should go back up to work. You go and do another lecture…but then you start to feel peckish. Time for your 5’oclock snack…but look it is almost dinner you may as well stay and relax until you have eaten a good meal- then you will feel ready to work.

You eat, feel lethargic and go for your after dinner nap. Waking up at 8 o’clock you decide you have worked hard for the day and just read through some stuff…maybe. If there is a channel 4 documentary about obese people on then no work will be done for the rest of the evening though.

As you can tell, revision at home wasn’t going great. I was getting distractions from every angle…even if it was the pigeon nest that has come into existence just outside my window. So in an attempt to “SMASH MCD REVISION” I packed my bags early and made my way out of the slums of North London into University.

It has been a struggle to keep going these past few weeks but we are ALMOST THERE. The late nights here in the library will be a thing of the past when all of these exams will be over. Sigh.

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