Types of revising medics…

No more lectures! Indeed we have finished teaching for first year and I think it’s fair to say that at the end of the year most people are questioning their choice for studying medicine in the first place. Yes, it is so interesting and fun…but exams are…well…soon.

I have seen an awful number of people having breakdowns in the library, and spoken to a lot of friends who are getting so anxious they may even be heading towards having an abnormal ecg…(omg I am so funny). So, here are a few types of revising first year medics we have come across this term…

1) The ones that “don’t” revise

They don’t revise!…well…not during the day anyway. You will see these “non-revisers” in the library between the hours of 3-5am hidden in some corner of 4th floor scribbling away. Alternatively, they may emerge from their rooms having worked for hours but just pretended that they were “on the phone”.

2) The ones that don’t revise

They really don’t revise and they worry all their friends in the process. They may go out for 4 hour trips to Tesco just to avoid a lecture slide. They see no use in revising because they can just “cram a few days before the exam” or, my personal favourite, “I’ll revise for the retakes”.

3) The ‘Note’ writers

I am not talking about a few notes of the key things…they have actually written a book or two for these exams. These people have gone into an insane amount of detail and have single-handedly managed to scare the entire year. Thanks.


4) The Notebank fanclub

Shrines to Usama, Pooja, ABS…etc have been set up in the rooms of freshers around South Ken. People who are chronic highlighters and people who enjoy printing are the main eccentric fans. You will usually find the fan club hovering in SAF waiting for a sight of Usama.

5) The ones who have given up

A lot of people seem to have burnt out and have just decided that they will work with what they have revised and hope it comes up in the exam. No giving up. Just have a hug from your hall senior or something and get on with it

6) The artists

SO creative. These people have sketched the heart and lungs perfectly and hung their framed drawings on their walls. They can sketch any diagram or any organ on demand and colour it in with a certain elegance. Their notes are just beautiful.

7) The ones who disappear

In halls one day, gone home the next. These people have disappeared off home for the term, been living in the library or camping out in SAF. You probably have forgotten they exist but occasionally look around and ask “where’s that boy that used to hang around with us?”

8) The proud revisers

“Guess how much I have done today?” “43 LECTURES!” They then proceed to write on the facebook group how they have done so much work to get the admiration of 2 or 3 facebook likes. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great that you work so much. It’s just a tad scary…when do you even find time to eat?

And then there is everyone else…the ones who just get on with it. As we launch into the final week or two of revision it’s important to remember to just work how you work best and not to get caught up in the stress of it all. Listen to the people you can trust in older years for revision advice and follow it. We can all pass…it’s just some of us may write a book on Endocrinology in the revision process.



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