10 VERY necessary things you must do before starting Medicine at Imperial.

1) BUY THE ICSM PASSPORT– I assure you I regret to this day not buying the passport. I missed out on so many memories by not having one. For more info on this see the icsm freshers 2014 fb group.

2) Profile picture– Make sure that your facebook profile picture is on point. You will most probably already be being judged by anyone and everyone in your Freshers 2014 group. Fun fun fun.

3) Buy every type of cold medicine– I am talking cough sweets, paracetamol even plasters…freshers flu is real and you will get it.

4) Air freshener– Seriously get some. Your room in halls will STINK.

5) Install find my phone on your phone…and maybe find my friends- you will probably lose your phone at some point in the year…you want to be able to find it.

6) Pack your bags…and then unpack one of the bags– you really don’t need that much stuff. I took waaaaaaay too much and i ended up just decorating my room with clothes due to lack of storage.

7) Get a Grays Anatomy for Students– I normally don’t recommend buying textbooks unless you need it…but this one is pretty key in my opinion!

8) Bookmark Imperial mail, Blackboard, and icsm notebank- you will thank me later.

9) Buy a LOT of fancy dress– most importantly make sure you have pirate and beach dress up stuff at the ready!

10) Decide what medic club you want to join– this is vital. Netball? Lax? Boat? Rugby? Football? Light Opera? Hockey? Make sure you join one (even if you aren’t great at the sport/activity) and you will have a great year and make some great friends. I am so grateful that my Medic Mum made me join Netball…my year could have been so much more boring if I had not joined, and I would not have met some of my closest friends. True story.

See y’all soon for Freshers 2014!

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