Freshers Map

Hi everyone 🙂

So Freshers finally starts next week! Imperial offers a fair amount of stuff, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, but Halls also offer a lot more, which I can’t remember if you find out about beforehand or not. My halls took us to clubs, for a boat party, on a bus tour, paintballing, to markets and loads more stuff.

I hope you are all excited! I am, even though it’s my third one!

I am sure there are enough freshers tips (including mine!) )for anyone nervous to read and make themselves more nervous, so instead of that, I have a made a freshers map.

It’s probably most useful for people in halls near Imperial, because it has on it all the supermarkets and cafes and stuff I went to in first year, but it has other useful stuff around the college too, as well as basic things, for example where Ethos and the doctors are. Feel free to have a browse.


I didn’t put everything on—there is just too much around South Kensington (especially food stuff—I seem to have eaten out a lot more than I realised :P) There is so much in fact, that as I was doing this I kept spotting places I still want to go like South Kensington Roof gardens. I will hopefully go soon, and add it to the map if it is good. 😛

I was also going to put buses and stuff on, but the Transport for London website has it covered. TFL is a genius website for all your transport needs. Oh and also if you didn’t know, you can get discounted student oyster cards.

Making the map reminded me that when I started first year my debit card got rejected in Sainsbury’s because it didn’t know why I was shopping for groceries in London, and assumed it had been stolen. This never happened to anyone else I know of, but you might want to carry a bit of cash, or shop with a friend who will be willing to pay (as luckily I was) 😛 If it does happen, it can just be sorted out and unblocked at a cash point for some, surely not secure reason, or you can ring up and quickly get it sorted.


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