How is it still freshers?!?!?!

So term (and lectures!) have started again and freshers has begun. We are now a week into the ICSM Medics Freshers Fortnight and I am SO TIRED. It is seriously bizarre to think that schools around the UK are about to break up for half term and we are still having our freshers fortnight.

It has been so much fun being on the Student Union during freshers but it has also been so nice to have a night off and just being able to sleep.  The meetings, the 4am calls from lost freshers and the 300 t-shirts we had to iron have taken its toll on me.

What type of prep work went into planning freshers? Oh so, so much. From the ents point of view it was making sure that every night of freshers fortnight was prepped months in advance to make sure that it ran super smoothly. From a treasurer point of view we had to make sure that passports could be bought, venues were paid etc. And then there’s welfare matching up every fresher to a second year parent… the list is endless. We even spent a day packing the bags freshers receive on their welcome day.

This week we have seen the likes of Pirate Boat Party, Mums and Dads night, Doctors and Nurses, Roadshow, the Big Chill and ‘Sports’ Day. It has been mental doing it as a second year and as an organiser on the Student Union. The Medics Student Union is composed of 17 elected students and this year it is full of people that have become some of my close friends- everyone is keen to help at every event and it makes clearing up at the end of a night just a bit easier.

Oh yes, the cleaning. HOW DOES EVERYONE MAKE SO MUCH MESS?!?! Seriously. There is mess everywhere at the end of a night and I apologise to anyone in the past that has ever had to clean up after any mess I have made on a night out.

This week has taught me a lot about the severe amount of organisation that is put into freshers and the welfare and education of the freshers. I really hope every fresher is enjoying the fortnight as much as I am- just please, please, please try not to make too much mess this week?!?! (Never going to happen…). BRING ON THE FINAL WEEK OF FRESHERS!!!! (and my birthday on Wednesday..!)

#GOH2014 #ICSM2014 #FRESHERSWEEK2 #Lectureshaveactuallystarted…

Yes...that is me.
Yes…that is me.


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