Easter holidays!

Happy Easter holidays!

Only a few weeks until exams….and a few more til summer!

My summer plans are coming together a bit more now because I got accepted to help volunteer at Cheltenham Science Festival!

I’ve always wanted to go, so I am really excited! It starts straight after my exams so will hopefully be a brilliant beginning to the summer 🙂

In other good summer news Alex got accepted for an internship with First Actuarial which should be great (he actually likes statistics you see). It was his last ever interview, so this should be hope to anyone else who feels like everything’s against them after filling out innumerable applications and failing many online personality tests!

I’m also hoping to go surfing and maybe to have a chance to use some proper telescopes this summer, but before that exams…

Highlights of Easter Holidays & Revision so far….

-Going to a spa for my mum’s birthday

-Doing fluid dynamics and then spotting a von Kármán vortex sheet in the river at Ironbridge 🙂

-This chick 😛



-Being afraid of the alpacas 🙂




-Lots of pancakes 🙂




-Painting this tile 🙂



-Getting my mum to quiz me on Physics of the Universe and seeing how interesting dark matter and inflation and things are to someone who isn’t taking an exam on them. Physics is the best subject.

-Revising statistics and annoying Alex by asking him what a probability density function is 😛 (I do know [now])

Also today is the last day that you can register to vote in the general election so register!

I’ve actually written a blog for Scientists for Labour about the different science policies of the three main parties if anyone is interested in voting based on sciency type stuff 😛

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