Happy Christmas!

It’s nearly the end of term and I don’t really have that much to report on! General Relativity is still crazy interesting, Quantum Information is still confusing and my Masters project and business course are still going well.

Last week we had our flat Christmas dinner and by some miracle all my old housemates were free to attend. It has been really nice to manage to keep the tradition going and still have a successful gigantic dinner even though our kitchen is tiny, everyone is so busy with deadlines and exams and we only at the last minute remembered that one of our housemates was a vegetarian!

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As I don’t have much to say in this blog I thought I’d suggest that if anyone has any questions about Imperial—specific course recommendations, about living in London or going to university in general, then you can ask them in the comments and I’ll do my best to reply! I might even help with some physics homework problems if you’re lucky.

Have a good Christmas break everyone!


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  1. Hi Emma! I’m Janelle and I’m an international student. I love all of your posts in this blog. They are inspiring, encouraging and full of details. Most of them have made me wanting to go to Imperial more and more! I have been offered Geology and I had achieved their conditions, so I’ll be off to Imperial this October. I can’t wait. 🙂 May I ask, which accomodation do you recommend that will be quite near to my department? How is the life in halls and what activities do they usually hold there?

    Thank you. ^^

    1. Hi Janelle thanks for your comment!
      Congratulations on getting a place at Imperial! I’m glad you like my blog 🙂
      I loved being in halls – we had movie nights, between floor competitions every so often, breakfasts the hall seniors would cook on Sundays and loads of hall organised events (tours of London, going to clubs, going paintballing etc etc) in the first couple of weeks.
      I think geology is based in the royal school of mines which is just by physics really! The halls that are closest are Beit halls (which contain the student’s union) and South and Eastside halls. All these halls are 5 mins walk from campus and by the gym as well.
      Out of these Beit can be a bit noisy some nights due to students union, but you are also able to see what is going on with sports and events and you can sneak into some Union stuff for free 😛 South and Eastside halls are lovely- very modern and they have a little park outside where there are farmers markets and you can play football & frisbee 😛
      The other halls are varying distances away– I think they are all too far to walk but this website will tell you a bit more!
      When choosing halls I think it depends what your priorities are– if you really want to be close or if you want to save a bit of money on accommodation, if you’d like to share a room or if you would like your own bathroom!
      I lived in Tizard hall and am still really good friends with lots of the people who were on my floor. It was great to be able to go into the kitchen at any time of day or night and see people as well as have your own space for when you need to study. 🙂 I hope that helps a bit!

  2. Hello Emma! I’m applying to Imperial this year and I was wondering what the work/study hours are like. Could you describe the number and intensity of hours required per day? I’m asking because even though I get good grades in school and have a fair shot at getting in, I don’t do well with stress and deadlines. I also have a tendency of procrastinating a lot! This makes me wonder if I can actually work as hard as everyone and get through these long 4 years. What do you think? Also, is Imperial (like Oxford and Cambridge and other institutions) as stressful and competitive as everyone says?

  3. Hey Emma! I’m a prospective Physics student at Imperial and was hoping you could tell me about your overall experience there. I hear career-wise, Imperial ‘looks’ better than most other universities – is this something you have experienced, or could comment on? What was the Physics department like; were the lecturers good (by good, I mean enthusiastic, as if they really enjoyed their subject?) How difficult was the work there? I’ve noticed that Imperial is very much known for its degrees being really hard. I’d like to know your view on this and whether the lecturers / professors do help you with this. What was the transition like from A Level to first year? And was it easy to make friends there (or were they nice?) All in all, (on some arbitrary scale!) would you say you enjoyed your degree?

    Thank you 🙂 (and sorry for the millions of questions!)

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