Bargain Night Out

When people started coming back after the Christmas break there was an inevitable rush of social behaviour as everyone caught up with each others holiday exploits and just like the first day of school after the holidays, everyone’s just happy to see their friends. A group of us decided to go take advantage of the 2 for £10 deal at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and after hanging out in an almost empty hall with the same 3 people for 3 weeks, it was the best night out I’d had in a while. Not to mention, the food was very satisfying after months of own pathetic cooking and ‘healthy eating’.


Now normally, in a 2 for 1 deal, you bring a friend and you split it. When you go with 3 guys… you get 2 each, because 1 puny burger is for weaklings. Needless to say, the waiters gave us some pretty weird looks when they brought out our burgers and we claimed two each. And I’ve never felt so stuffed in my life. (at least in the last 3 months) BUT THEY WERE SO GOOD OMG.

Now that we’ve got that over with. Apart from the great food, the vibe was just chill. We were all just happy to see each other after a long break and while it was the last day of the holidays, we weren’t stressed about uni coursework yet. We didn’t have to worry about making pointless small talk like we would if we were out with uni acquaintances, we had effortless inside jokes and casual banter and it was just good fun.

Then of course we decided, we needed dessert and as poor broke students we scavenged yet another deal. We had recently bought 3 vouchers off Wowcher for the nearby gelato place Snowflake. 2 ice creams, 2 waffles with 1 topping each and 2 hot drinks all for £9 = dessert for two. We actually did split it this time, because we were hella stuffed.

I took a bite before taking the photo… oops

All of that and we didn’t even walk more than 15 minutes from halls. Ah the joys of South Kensington. Its not often that a night out with friends is worth writing about, but given the awesome deals we got for the food (#studentbudget), and the fact it was a surprisingly fun night (20 minutes picking ice cream flavours is more hilarious than it sounds?) it seemed worth sharing. Sometimes the best times are the unexpected ones, everything was super spontaneous, and given all of us could actually remember the good time we had the next morning, I’d say it was a win over the regular get smashed tradition of the ‘back to uni’ ritual.

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