Choosing and Applying for an intercalated BSc…!

At Imperial we are really lucky that everyone gets a guaranteed place on an intercalated BSc course, hence why we are here for a hefty 6 years.

During an intercalated BSc all medical students take a step away from the normal day-to-day life of a medical student and enter the realm of essays and deadlines for a year in 4th year. At the end of year 4 we all gain a BSc in the course of our choice. Pretty cool. We spend September-Feb in lectures and then have our exams, and then we get to complete a research project (or a short course) for a few months. Very cool.

So a few weeks ago it all really kicked off with choosing what we want to study next year. We had a BSc fair, spoke to loads of students about their experiences and had a roam around online about what it was we really wanted to get a degree in. It was like UCAS all over again.

So what were the options? Cardiovascular sciences, endocrinology, gastroenterology & hepatology, global health, haematology, immunity & infection, neuroscience & mental health, pharmacology, reproductive & developmental sciences, respiratory science or surgery & anaesthesia! You could even apply to other universities (but why would you want to leave Imperial??!)

I went through the courses and ranked the different modules, then eliminated the lowest scoring courses to give me my top 5. I then worked out my order and submitted my application of my top 5 choices.

My top 5 were:

  • Global Health
  • Endocrinology
  • Reproductive and Developmental sciences
  • Immunity & Infection
  • Respiratory Science

I am soo happy to say that I got my first choice and will be studying Global Health next year!

I am really, really excited to get stuck into a BSc course for a year. Will be a nice change! For now, I have only got a few weeks left in the hospitals…and then…3rd year exams. Back to revision I go!

3 comments for “Choosing and Applying for an intercalated BSc…!

  1. Hi Mala,

    First of all I just wanted to say thank you for this blog since its proving to be a very valuable source in understanding what life will be like as an Imperial medic.
    I just wanted to ask why you chose Global Health as your top choice?


    1. Hey! So I always have been interested in public health and policy, and also in vaccinations. Global Health course gives you a really wide knowledge base of a lot of issues facing the health scene globally and seemed like something I would love to learn about!

  2. Hi Mala, I came across your blog when researching Imperial’s Global Health BSc. I just wanted to ask how you’re finding the course as I am considering apply to it as an external applicant next year? What is the course content and workload like? Do you recommend/suggest any reading I can do before applying? Just as a side note, I am not a medic. Are there many non-medics on the course?
    Thanks in advance!

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