I’m still alive…

… in case anyone was worried 😀

Revision is going well terrible ok. I still expect to fail my exams, but at least not with 0%. I made a new revision planner (because the previous one was not effective enough), this is a bit like when I download stuff and there is this progress bar and it slowly fills and… well, you get the idea. Except that this one down here, it fills VERY slowly…

Th/theoretical part, Ps/problem sheets, Pp/past papers
Th/theoretical part, Ps/problem sheets, Pp/past papers, the little stars are indicators of percentage towards final mark

I also found out that the study rooms are amazing. Seriously, they are so awesome. Look at this:

Acton cemetery - official sponsor of my Imperial degree
Acton cemetery – official sponsor of my Imperial degree

What else? Ohhh yeah, The Night Manager… So, as I mentioned before, I have this problem with series and binge-watching. This time, I accidentally started The Night Manager (I should log out from imdb.com, it causes all the trouble). The good thing is, this one is just 6 episodes and not ongoing. The bad thing? I watched all 6 episodes without even standing up… (About the series: Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie against each other, at various locations including London and Switzerland. Let me start again: Tom Hiddleston. Tom. Hiddleston. <obsessed fangirl screaming>. )

Hmm and the strawberry rice pudding is on sale in Tesco. #faithinhumanityrestored


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