A day in the life as a 2nd Year EIE

As a prospective student, I once wanted to know what a typical day for an EIE student was so here is my version!

Living in Wilson House as a hall senior I wake up at 8:00am to get to a 9:00 am lecture.

Wilson House is conveniently  ~25mins from the SK campus and the walk is visually captivating since you walk through Hyde Park! For those from countries which are really full of nature like me, you probably won’t get what the big deal is to have a walk though a park.

But a park like Hyde Park in a city like London is not easy to come by, so living in a hall that allows you to enjoy this walk everyday is amazing (except during the winters 😀 )

8:00Grudging roll out of bed – too early for Electronic labs or Computer Labs

8:30 – Walk to uni

9:00 to 12:00This is usually some sort of labs in 2nd year (in first year you enjoy the great life and have labs in the afternoons! Ohh, I miss those days!)

What we get up to in the labs (This was in 1st year so what YOU’LL be up to! )

This was the OP-AMP experiment to help with understanding Analysis of Circuits in 1st year


My EIE friends taking Electronic Labs seriously…

Some may say that this is the side effect of studying EIE  but this is the way we enjoy our course cause life is too short to be taken too seriously!

12:00 to 13:00Lecture

13:00-14:00Lunch in the level 3 computer labs… as an EE student this is where you live, breathe,eat and maybe sleep! You will call the level 3 comp labs home in no time!

14:00 to 16:00 Double Lecture

16:00 to 18:00Double Lecture

18:00Go back home. Wait you don’t think I meant Wilson? I meant back to my habitat that is the Level 3 comp labs to work on EIE coursework that could be from Spring Modules that have coursework components like Databases(SQL), Distributed Systems and Computer Networks (Java) , Language Processors (C++, Flex, Bison) and  Mathematics (Matlab)!

Now you can probably see why you will have a love-hate relationship with the computer labs 🙂

21:00Go back to my part-time home, Wilson!

aaaannnd repeat.

This is the longest day you can have if you’re a sissy like me and go home at 9pm 🙂

As you can tell we learn a lot of different languages and get a range of coursework so we can practise implementing all the theory learnt during lectures.

Is it tough? Well, anything that’s worth something will be tough!

So yes it challenging but we learn so much! Its amazing the skills we gain compared to students studying a similar course in other places due to the course structure.

If this work makes you wary, I should mention 1st year is definitely way easier than 2nd year and 2nd year is considered to be the most difficult year in the EEE department.

The saying goes “If you make it through 2nd year, you’ve practically graduated!”

So wish me luck!!


EIE <3

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