Graduation (Volunteering at the Post Graduate Graduation Ceremony)

Despite having taken many pictures outside the Royal Albert Hall, I’ve never once been inside (the auditorium). It’s such a beautiful and iconic venue to study and live right next to, so I can’t wait to actually see the main hall, where concerts, the BAFTAs and Imperial Graduations take place. 

Yes, that’s right, Imperial Graduates trace the same paths as red carpet walkers 😆.

Outside the Royal Albert Hall on Commemoration Day 2016

Undergraduates also, rather unusually, graduate in the October after they finish their degree, rather than that summer. Since Imperial’s student pool is so international, it will be lovely to see everyone when they return for graduation. 
This October graduation also has a special name: commemoration day, and during my Fresher’s fortnight, it also had a snapchat filter 😁 

Princes Gardens on Commemoration Day 2016

I’m not graduating for another few years, but I will be volunteering at the Post Graduate Graduation Day this May. I’ll let you know how it goes x


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