Turning 18 – FINALLY

Being underage at Imperial isn’t great, at any university really, but London’s security in general is quite tight… To be honest, it does not inhibit you of doing anything. However, you will have to do it in a not so conservative way, but try to keep it on the legal side – just an advice.

Firstly, your welcome week won’t be as fulfilled with nights out as the other students’. In spite of that I never said that you couldn’t have fun! Although you can’t go the clubs, you will be able to party indoors. During the first week there is a lot of prees in the common rooms- JOIN IN. You will have lots of fun, get to talk to everyone and sleep for a good amount of time!

When it comes to the red box around your photo on your student ID, that’s a bit harder! Every Sportsnight (Wednesday), Friday and Saturday night, the Union is secured by -and I have to be honest here and thank them for their patience and politeness when denying my entrance- very nice guards. They are there not only, but also to make sure everyone who is let in is of age. Which means, getting in after roughly 8 pm is impossible. But if you are willing to wait since 7 pm in the union until the night starts, there is no one stopping you!

The most important thing is that you don’t let your age get in the way of making friends! For me, it wasn’t a problem at all. Although it was something all my friends were aware of, I wouldn’t let a number get in my way of having the best time I could!


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