Practicing our Clinical Skills

We are now a week away from finals, and revision is at it’s peak. But before we headed off into this revision hole the faculty made sure that we were all feeling confident about our practical skills. This is really key, as so much emphasis is put on by students about written exams when really we need to also be preparing to practically be a doctor!

We have great clinical skills teams across each of our different hospital sites here at Imperial. I was based at West Middlesex Hospital for my final placement and we had a session to ensure we were safe to administer IV drugs and take blood culture samples properly. As you can see in the image we all get small group teaching which is fantastic for hands on practical skills. We are able to rehearse our core skills on model arms etc, so that when we are faced with a real patient we can feel more confident with our skills! This is all alongside prescribing sessions, life support skills training and simulation scenarios!

I do believe that this repetition of our practical skills is key, and Imperial gives us an abundance of opportunities to keep them ticking over. The sessions are interactive and so useful for us. But for now, back to the books I go…

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