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My first online open-book exam is in 13 days.

I am desperately trying to revise but to little avail. The exam season panic has fittingly kicked in.  You may ask why I need to revise when all my assessments are going to be open-book. I had the same question. We were advised by our faculty that the exams will be testing understanding instead of simple factual recall. Hence, we need to know the material and understand it sufficiently in order to pass. The faculty has kindly arranged an online mock so we can familiarise ourselves with the platform used to deliver the exams.

I couldn’t help but compare and contrast my exam season this year with that of last year. Due to obvious reasons, all students currently have to revise at the same place where they are staying. Last year, we had the choice of going to Central Library which is my favourite Imperial Library so I am dedicating this blog to it.

There is nothing exceptional about it but it is good enough. Under normal circumstances, It would be open 24/7 except for Fridays when it would close at 11:30 pm. However, it has been understandably and responsibly shut for a few weeks now. It is not the only Imperial Library for medical students. The Central Library was always busy and lively during exam season from the opening times to late at night. I love working there at any time but I prefer it at night. If I had to pull an all-nighter before a deadline/exam (please don’t do that, it’s not good for you 🙂 ), I wouldn’t choose another place.

There is no particular aim for this blog. I just wanted to give an update on exams and say that I miss revising at the Central Library.

Stay home. Stay safe. Do your best to cope.



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