I Got My Conditional Offer to Imperial. What Now?!

Before I jump right in, I will start by explaining about why I decided to write this blog post. As Imperial has begun sending their conditional offers to students from all around the world, students have been overly excited on planning their next phases in life. Being a student ambassador from Imperial, I have begun receiving loads of messages from students telling me about their plans, asking about accommodations and life in London in general. On the other hand, there are also students who are anxious about moving into a new city and making new friends. Therefore, I have decided the write this blog post hoping that this can help ease your transition to your new phase in life!

What Should I Do Next?

Now that you have gotten your conditional offer, here are a few things you can start preparing to avoid stressing out when everything comes piling up together at the end of the day.

1) Accommodation
Imperial offers a range of halls for students to stay in during their first year in University. They can all be viewed in Imperial’s website as linked here. The halls offered range widely in terms of the price, the distance from University and also the facilities included. The college has also prepared a detailed table showing students the differences between each halls. When choosing your halls, students are required to fill up their top 5 choices unranked. The college will then allocate you a hall based on your 5 choices randomly.

When choosing your halls. have a think about what are the priorities you desire as a first year? Whether you prefer a hall nearer to your department, a cheaper room or a more lively hall to meet loads of new friends, these are all important things to take into account when choosing your top 5 choices.

2) Applying for your student VISA
Even though you will probably only start applying for your student VISA after receiving your A-Levels results, understanding the whole procedure and timeline of applying for a VISA will ensure that your application will go on smoothly at the end of the day. Some important things to think about is the location of application as some countries have limited centres where you can apply for a VISA. The application normally takes around a few weeks time to get everything settled so bear that in mind when planning on when to apply for it and when to book your flight tickets. Besides that, do check whether there are any additional information or tests which are required for you to apply for a VISA. For example, in Malaysia, students are required to go through a Tuberculosis test.

Besides that, do have all important forms and documents photocopied and printed as these are often needed as proofs during your application process and when you are crossing the immigration borders in the UK. Documents might include your offer letter from the college (upon receiving your A-Levels results), your ATAS form if you are an engineering student, your IC, birth cert, etc.

3) Understanding the culture and the environment
Some other miscellaneous stuffs which might be worth studying more about are the tubes and buses in London, understanding what are the different bank options and how you can book a bank appointment online even before touching down in London. The college is located in South Kensington in Zone 1 London. It might be worth noting down the locations of the campus, grocery stores nearby, tube and bus stations, and anything else you think might be relevant as they will help you structure your arrival to London much more orderly.

3) Waiting for your results… That’s about it!
You are up for an amazing journey here in London, where the next few years of your life will be tough, challenging yet extremely rewarding. Therefore, spend the rest of your days studying hard for your A-Levels, yet not forgetting to spend time with your friends and families around you, enjoying the local food and exploring your home country! Enjoy the rest of your time in A-Levels before you embark onto another unforgettable journey in your life. 🙂

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