Things I miss about living in student halls

Although the transition to university wasn’t plain sailing for me, being a fresher was a very exciting time, and a big part of the reason for it being such a fun experience was living in student halls. I lived in Woodward. Although I can appreciate that there are downsides to student halls, I wouldn’t have changed it for living in a privately rented flat, at least not in my first year. Having gone through three different rented flats, I’ve really come to appreciate the perks of living in student accommodation.

Everything in one place

I think what I miss the most is having so many amenities in one place – a quiet study room just a few flights of stairs below, a lively common room with comfy sofas for when I needed to take a break, and a gym next door. Not having to leave the building to access all these facilities is a huge advantage that I really appreciate now, as commuting or walking to campus, the gym, or good study space can take time that I would rather spend doing things I enjoy.


It was also easier to stay within budget by saving on transport (except for commutes to campus), and perhaps even more because I wasn’t going to cafes to study as I could just go downstairs if I needed a change of environment and a space to focus. Not to mention the gym membership!

No bills and free events

It’s not only about the cost, though, but convenience as well. Setting up accounts and contracts for bills, waiting for the installation of Wi-Fi, cleaning all the common areas, chasing up the landlord/landlady or agency to fix a washing machine that has suddenly stopped working – this can be time consuming especially when there are deadlines or exams approaching.

I think in first year, living in halls is a great option for most people. Not only does it save you the hassle of the flat search, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to meet a lot of people at all the fun events, and even make friends for life. If you live in student accommodation or are about to move in – take advantage of it! The memories will last for a long time!

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