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Say Hello To The Vulcans!

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Meet our team!


Haloo! It’s Yaashiene here but most people just call me Yaash! I enjoy fiction novels, listening to music and photography. I also love experimenting various cuisines, especially Malaysian, as it makes me feel closer to home. My ideal way to unwind from a busy week is to cuddle in bed with some warm food and feel-good Netflix!


Hi, I’m Talia. When not buried under piles of tutorial sheets, I mainly enjoy hanging out with friends and generally doing anything that switches my brain off, like painting, reading murder mysteries, and watching rom-coms.


Hi! I’m Naa. I like lots of things, but if I had to choose, I’d say writing, Ghanaian and Korean culture, and music – I love Tchaikovsky as much as I do K-RnB and Afrobeats. I also love nature and constantly look to the Biomimicry Institute’s site for design inspiration. Oh, and did I mention I love spice? I really love spice.

Who are we?

We are proud to be the very first team to represent Imperial at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Design Competition – and an all-girl one too at that!

This year, we will be designing, making and testing a repeatable vehicle. Our job is to ensure that our vehicle is able to move around and accurately land on set targets on the track.

Why did we decide to do this?

Some of our course-mates might think us crazy for adding another project to an already packed timetable, but there was too much incentive for us to give this a go:

  • First and foremost, we are learners, before we are anything else. We want to learn new concepts, and of course,
  • Apply those new concepts (We are engineers, not physics students ;))
  • We also wanted to build our project management, and problem-solving skills, essential to being a great engineer
  • And last but certainly not the least, we wanted to inspire others, especially those who might not feel too confident in their skills to try something new, no matter how big or small it is.

What are we going to be putting up on here?

We would like to share our design journey and hopefully get other engineering students to think more about their design choices and discover new things.

Join us on this exciting journey and you might just get inspired!