Month: July 2022

Cynthia Lam: ‘My Master experience at Imperial has been a kind of magic’

What is your name?

Cynthia Lam

Where are you from?

Hong Kong

To which class do you belong? 

MSc Translational Neuroscience, Class of 2020

Where and what did you study before joining Imperial College London?

I completed my BSc in Biochemistry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

How did you find your Master experience at the College?

My Master experience at Imperial has been a kind of magic. A mix of rewarding experiences, inspiring new technology, intellectual discussions, respectful and genuine people, stressful deadlines, fear of coding (at the beginning), and also life-long friendships. I have learnt so much from everyone I met in the course, and I am very grateful to be part of this cohort. We were also taught the most up-to-date neuroscience topics and knowledge and useful, practical skills like neuroimaging techniques and analyses. Apart from the academics, Imperial has also given me a lot of support and opportunities: I was able to find a balance between academics and having fun, which made the whole experience less stressful!

 Which research project did you work on?

My research project was on the “Effect of psilocybin therapy for depression on low-frequency brain oscillations produced by music listening”, supervised by Dr Matthew Wall at Invicro

Where are you now?

I am now in Cambridge, UK

What are you working on?

I am now doing an MPhil at the University of Cambridge and looking for PhD opportunities. I have also started my own company in the therapeutic drug monitoring field

What is the most important lesson you learnt as a Master student?

It has been challenging this year due to the pandemic, and therefore I have learnt to be flexible and adaptive

How did the Master programme help you get to where you are now?

This program has definitely made me grow as a scientific communicator and have widened my perspectives of what research is like. I also really enjoyed my research project; hence I hope to pursue a career in academia