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43726_1_thumbnail_868x420_page1_727738The Imperial CPD Blog is a space for staff and prospective delegates to find out what we do, and to keep updated on our latest courses, activities and news.

If you are thinking about attending a CPD course to update your skills, refresh your knowledge or change your career path, then Imperial CPD is the place for you.  Because there are many courses on the market,  it’s hard to know which to attend to get the best value for money.  As a working professional, it can also be hard to fit studying into your busy schedule and this is why short courses from well-regarded institutions are in high demand.

Imperial College London’s ‘Centre for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)’ is well established and runs a diverse portfolio of short courses, within the disciplines of Science, Technology, Medicine and Business. The courses are of high quality,  led by academic excellence and held all year round.  Please feel free to browse our webpage for further information at www.imperial.ac.uk/cpd or follow us on twitter @imperialCPD for fast course updates.

You may work for Imperial College London and aim to hold a short programme within your department.  If you’ve got an idea for a course, then we can help you make it happen. While you will have as much control and choice over how your course is designed and delivered, we will take care of promotion, registrants and the overall logistics.  All you have to do, is contact us at cpd@imperial.ac.uk.

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