Power Minimization in low-noise analog IC’s, given by Prof. Willy Sansen of the KULeuven, Belgium

This annual course, held 14-17 November 2017 at Imperial College London is an insight in analogue IC design. Insight is developed by the analysis of some of the most important circuits, followed by the use of design plans or algorithms to obtain the best Figures of Merit (FOM).  This is worked out for circuits such as multi-stage amplifiers and class-AB amplifiers. Considerable attention goes to the noise trade-off with power consumption. Both continuous-time and switched-capacitor filters are also discussed and compared, to be used in Sigma-delta Analogue-to-Digital Converters.

This course is thus for expert designers who want to become more competitive in their field. This course is however also for novice designers who are already acquainted with some design aspects but who want to broaden their portfolio in design knowledge.

Low-power Analogue design is a niche design expertise, which has never failed to lead to ever more job opportunities. At the same time it is a life-long learning activity, which perfectly fits the present-day career development goals.

It is at the core of all portable electronics, such as portable phones, medical monitoring systems, etc., but also the coming Internet of Things.

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