CMOS Analog Integrated Circuit Design e-learning

This course was taught as a 5 day short course over the past 25 years at Imperial.  It was improved each year as new topics were developed and over 1000 students from industry and academics have taken the course.  The experience and feedback of those courses has been updated and captured in the present online offering.

The course provides a bottom-up, hierarchical approach to the subject of analog circuit and systems design using standard CMOS technologies.  Simple modeling techniques are used to gain an understanding of and insight into the function of circuits.  Appropriate use of the computer for simulation is discussed.  Techniques suitable to enhanced performance using integrated circuit technology are used.  In addition, the implications of IC fabrication are used whenever possible to associate the electrical performance with the physical attributes of the circuit.

Who the course if for?

This course has been designed for circuit designers who need to implement analog integrated circuits using CMOS technologies.  The course will provide experienced analog circuit designers with a valuable update on the latest and upcoming developments in the field.  It will give novices and those considering entering the field, an indispensable foundation in the fundamentals of the technology, and ways in which it can be implemented successfully.  Participants should have a general knowledge of analog circuits, electrical circuit analysis, and familiarity with integrated circuit technology.

Why is the course important?

  • It will provide a state-of-the-art review of the principles, concepts, and techniques needed to carry out the successful design of CMOS analog integrated circuits.
  • It will expose the participants to the methods used in the processing and design of such circuits, including modeling, characterization of the process parameters, SPICE simulation techniques, testability considerations, and methods of experimental verification.
  • It will help the participant understand the operation and expectations of CMOS circuits.
  • It combines an academic viewpoint with practical examples and industry experience.

Quotes (based on the previous face-to-face course)

“The course content and support documentation was very good”

“Detailed circuit analysis”

“Prof. Allen has an excellent way of presenting the course material”

“Excellent coverage of a huge subject in short time. An excellent 12 week course neatly fitted into 5 days”

“Informative, enjoyable, full of insights…I learned a lot!”

“Highly recommended for experienced and new engineers requiring an improvement in analog design”

“Several new design ideas which I as a bipolar designer, found very useful…”

“An excellent choice of course for an excellent choice of career”

”Best feature of the course is the explanations of the concepts required for analog design without all the equations”

“I am now far more confident of success with my analog CMOS designs”


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