Author: Tim Gordon

Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation – Introduction to the Systems Engineering Toolkit

Audio introduction to the toolkit

The Systems Engineering (SE) toolkit is work in progress. The first version brings together all the SE models and methods for the delivery of infrastructure. These span from functional and interconnectivity analysis to modelling languages and mathematics. This version aims to provide:

  • an overview of the fundamentals of systems engineering for delivering infrastructure,
  • a set of pointers to the existing resources,
  • a starting point for developing new knowledge about SE and Infrastructure.

Our next steps are:

  • Transition to version 2.0 organised by project stage (e.g. planning etc.).
  • Keep (do not replace with version 2.0) version 1.0 as an introduction and orientation to SE in delivering infrastructure.
  • Toolkit assessment through workshops and interviews with experts from academia and industry.
  • Early results from interviews suggest that there is a need to translate the output of the SE tools into an action plan.

Your feedback is important and encouraged to ensure that we cover all the tools and aspect of both SE and the delivery of infrastructure.

Version 1 of the full Systems Engineering in Infrastructure Toolkit is now also available

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