Latest publications: March 2021


Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of the latest publication successes.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a monthly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.

Title Canonical journal title Publication type Publication date Authors OR Authors/Contributors
Visualizing the dynamics of tuberculosis pathology using molecular imaging. Journal of Clinical Investigation Journal Article, Review 01/03/2021 Ordonez AA, Tucker EW, Anderson CJ, Carter CL, Ganatra S, Kaushal D, Kramnik I, Lin PL, Madigan CA, Mendez S, Rao J, Savic RM, Tobin DM, Walzl G, Wilkinson RJ, Lacourciere KA, Via LE, Jain SK
Viral use and subversion of membrane organization and trafficking. Journal of Cell Science Journal Article, Review 04/03/2021 Hernandez-Gonzalez M, Larocque G, Way M
Time series analysis and mechanistic modelling of heterogeneity and sero-reversion in antibody responses to mild SARS‑CoV-2 infection. EBioMedicine Journal Article 01/03/2021 Manisty C, Treibel TA, Jensen M, Semper A, Joy G, Gupta RK, Cutino-Moguel T, Andiapen M, Jones J, Taylor S, Otter A, Pade C, Gibbons J, Lee J, Bacon J, Thomas S, Moon C, Jones M, Williams D, Lambourne J, Fontana M, Altmann DM, Boyton R, Maini M, McKnight A, Chain B, Noursadeghi M, Moon JC
Thalidomide Use for Complicated Central Nervous System Tuberculosis in Children: Insights From an Observational Cohort. Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal Article 01/03/2021 van Toorn R, Solomons RS, Seddon JA, Schoeman JF
Single-dose administration and the influence of the timing of the booster dose on immunogenicity and efficacy of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AZD1222) vaccine: a pooled analysis of four randomised trials. The Lancet Journal Article 06/03/2021 Voysey M, Costa Clemens SA, Madhi SA, Weckx LY, Folegatti PM, Aley PK, Angus B, Baillie VL, Barnabas SL, Bhorat QE, Bibi S, Briner C, Cicconi P, Clutterbuck EA, Collins AM, Cutland CL, Darton TC, Dheda K, Dold C, Duncan CJA, Emary KRW, Ewer KJ, Flaxman A, Fairlie L, Faust SN, Feng S, Ferreira DM, Finn A, Galiza E, Goodman AL, Green CM, Green CA, Greenland M, Hill C, Hill HC, Hirsch I, Izu A, Jenkin D, Joe CCD, Kerridge S, Koen A, Kwatra G, Lazarus R, Libri V, Lillie PJ, Marchevsky NG, Marshall RP, Mendes AVA, Milan EP, Minassian AM, McGregor A, Mujadidi YF, Nana A, Padayachee SD, Phillips DJ, Pittella A, Plested E, Pollock KM, Ramasamy MN, Ritchie AJ, Robinson H, Schwarzbold AV, Smith A, Song R, Snape MD, Sprinz E, Sutherland RK, Thomson EC, Török ME, Toshner M, Turner DPJ, Vekemans J, Villafana TL, White T, Williams CJ, Douglas AD, Hill AVS, Lambe T, Gilbert SC, Pollard AJ, Oxford COVID Vaccine Trial Group
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 Infections in Critical Care Staff: Beware the Risks Beyond the Bedside. Critical Care Medicine Journal Article 01/03/2021 El Bouzidi K, Pirani T, Rosadas C, Ijaz S, Pearn M, Chaudhry S, Patel S, Sureda-Vives M, Fernandez N, Khan M, Cherepanov P, McClure MO, Tedder RS, Zuckerman M, COVID-STOICS (Serological Testing Of Intensive Care Staff)
SARS- CoV-2 lateral flow assays for possible use in national covid-19 seroprevalence surveys (React 2): diagnostic accuracy study BMJ: British Medical Journal Article, Journal 02/03/2021 Moshe M, Daunt A, Flower B, Simmons B, Brown JC, Frise R, Penn R, Kugathasan R, Petersen C, Stockmann H, Ashby D, Riley S, Atchison C, Taylor GP, Satkunarajah S, Naar L, Klaber R, Badhan A, Rosadas C, Marchesin F, Fernandez N, Sureda-Vives M, Cheeseman H, O’Hara J, Shattock R, Fontana G, Pallett SJC, Rayment M, Jones R, Moore LSP, Ashrafian H, Cherapanov P, Tedder R, McClure M, Ward H, Darzi A, Elliott P, Cooke GS, Barclay WS
Risk of adverse outcomes in patients with underlying respiratory conditions admitted to hospital with COVID-19: a national, multicentre prospective cohort study using the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterisation Protocol UK. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine Journal Article 04/03/2021 Bloom CI, Drake TM, Docherty AB, Lipworth BJ, Johnston SL, Nguyen-Van-Tam JS, Carson G, Dunning J, Harrison EM, Baillie JK, Semple MG, Cullinan P, Openshaw PJM, ISARIC investigators
Respiratory Tract Infection Management and Antibiotic Prescription in Children: A Unique Study Comparing Three Levels of Healthcare in The Netherlands. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal Journal Article 01/03/2021 van Aerde KJ, de Haan L, van Leur M, Gerrits GP, Schers H, Moll HA, Hagedoorn NN, Herberg JA, Levin M, Rivero-Calle I, de Jonge MI, de Groot R, van der Flier M, PERFORM Consortium
Reply to Dudoignon et al. Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal Article 01/03/2021 Rawson TM, Moore LSP, Zhu N, Ranganathan N, Skolimowska K, Gilchrist M, Satta G, Cooke G, Holmes A
Innate Inhibiting Proteins Enhance Expression and Immunogenicity of Self-Amplifying RNA. Molecular Therapy Journal Article 03/03/2021 Blakney AK, McKay PF, Bouton CR, Hu K, Samnuan K, Shattock RJ
Inflammatory profiles across the spectrum of disease reveal a distinct role for GM-CSF in severe COVID-19 Science Immunology Article 10/03/2021 Thwaites RS, Sanchez Sevilla Uruchurtu A, Siggins MK, Liew F, Russell CD, Moore SC, Fairfield C, Carter E, Abrams S, Short C, Thaventhiran T, Bergstrom E, Gardener Z, Ascough S, Chiu C, Docherty AB, Hunt D, Crow YJ, Solomon T, Taylor GP, Turtle L, Harrison EM, Dunning J, Semple MG, Baillie JK, Openshaw PJM
HIV cure research in the time of COVID-19 – Antiretroviral therapy treatment interruption trials: A discussion paper. Journal of virus eradication Journal Article 2021-03 Fidler S, Lewin S, Deeks S, Sogaard OS, Vanderkerckhove L, Collins S, Kelly D, Singh J, Caskey M, Frater J
Genetic Determinants of Receptor-Binding Preference and Zoonotic Potential of H9N2 Avian Influenza Viruses Journal of Virology Article, Journal 01/03/2021 Peacock TP, Sealy JE, Harvey WT, Benton DJ, Reeve R, Iqbal M
Cohort Profile: IAVI’s HIV epidemiology and early infection cohort studies in Africa to support vaccine discovery. International Journal of Epidemiology Journal Article 03/03/2021 Price MA, Kilembe W, Ruzagira E, Karita E, Inambao M, Sanders EJ, Anzala O, Allen S, Edward VA, Kaleebu P, Fast PE, Rida W, Kamali A, Hunter E, Tang J, Lakhi S, Mutua G, Bekker LG, Abu-Baker G, Tichacek A, Chetty P, Latka MH, Maenetje P, Makkan H, Hare J, Kibengo F, Priddy F, Landais E, Chinyenze K, Gilmour J
Clinical outcomes of temocillin use for invasive Enterobacterales infections; a single centre retrospective analysis Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Article 01/03/2021 Heard K, Killington K, Mughal N, Moore L, Hughes S
Cardiac glycosides cause cytotoxicity in human macrophages and ameliorate white adipose tissue homeostasis. British Journal of Pharmacology Journal Article 04/03/2021 Olona A, Hateley C, Guerrero A, Ko J-H, Johnson MR, Anand PK, Thomas D, Gil J, Behmoaras J
Aptasensor for Quantification of Leptin Through PCR Amplification of Short DNA-Aptamers. ACS Sensors Journal Article 02/03/2021 Cavallo FR, Mirza KB, de Mateo S, Nikolic K, Rodriguez-Manzano J, Toumazou C
Antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 infection is not associated with Post-COVID-19 Syndrome in healthcare workers. Journal of Infectious Diseases Journal Article 02/03/2021 Pereira C, Harris BHL, Di Giovannantonio M, Rosadas C, Short C-E, Quinlan R, Sureda-Vives M, Fernandez N, Day-Weber I, Khan M, Marchesin F, Katsanovskaja K, Parker E, Taylor GP, Tedder RS, McClure MO, Dani M, Fertleman M
Evaluation of Host Serum Protein Biomarkers of Tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa Frontiers in Immunology Journal Article 25/02/2021 Thomas C. Morris, Clive J. Hoggart, Novel N. Chegou, Martin Kidd, Tolu Oni, Rene Goliath, Katalin A. Wilkinson, Hazel M. Dockrell, Lifted Sichali, Louis Banda, Amelia C. Crampin, Neil French, Gerhard Walzl, Michael Levin, Robert J. Wilkinson and Melissa S. Hamilton for the ILULU Consortium

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