Academic promotions in DoID

Congratulations to members of staff in the Department who have successfully been promoted through the College’s Academic Promotions process! The new titles, listed below, are effective from 1 September.


Christopher ChiuProfessor of Infectious Diseases

Avinash ShenoyReader in Innate Immunity and Infection

Harry LowSenior Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Proleptic Reader in Structural Biology

Goedele MaertensReader in Molecular Virology

Thomas ClarkeSenior Lecturer in Microbiology and Immunology

Hermione LyallProfessor of Practice in Paediatric Infectious Diseases

James SeddonReader in Global Child Health

Vanessa Sancho-ShimizuUKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Proleptic Senior Lecturer in Genetics of Infectious Diseases

Marta BoffitoProfessor of Practice in HIV Medicine

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