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Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of the latest publication successes.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a monthly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.


Title Canonical journal title Publication type Publication date Authors OR Authors/Contributors
Polymeric and lipid nanoparticles for delivery of self-amplifying RNA vaccines Journal of Controlled Release Article 10/10/2021 Blakney AK, McKay PF, Hu K, Samnuan K, Jain N, Brown A, Thomas A, Rogers P, Polra K, Sallah H, Yeow J, Zhu Y, Stevens MM, Geall A, Shattock RJ
Long-Term Persistence of Spike Protein Antibody and Predictive Modeling of Antibody Dynamics After Infection With Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Clinical Infectious Diseases Article 04/07/2021 Louis Grandjean, Anja Saso, Arturo Torres Ortiz, Tanya Lam, James Hatcher, Rosie Thistlethwayte, Mark Harris, Timothy Best, Marina Johnson, Helen Wagstaffe, Elizabeth Ralph, Annabelle Mai, Caroline Colijn, Judith Breuer, Matthew Buckland, Kimberly Gilmour, David Goldblatt, COVID-19 Staff Testing of Antibody Responses Study (Co-Stars) team
Informing antimicrobial management in the context of COVID-19: understanding the longitudinal dynamics of C-reactive protein and procalcitonin. BMC Infectious Diseases Journal Article 08/09/2021 Ming DK, Myall AC, Hernandez B, Weiße AY, Peach RL, Barahona M, Rawson TM, Holmes AH
HTLV-1 encephalitis. Practical Neurology Journal Article 30/08/2021 King-Robson J, Hampton T, Rosadas C, Taylor GP, Stanton B
Public preferences for delayed or immediate antibiotic prescriptions in UK primary care: A choice experiment. PLoS Medicine Journal Article 30/08/2021 Morrell L, Buchanan J, Roope LSJ, Pouwels KB, Butler CC, Hayhoe B, Tonkin-Crine S, McLeod M, Robotham JV, Holmes A, Walker AS, Wordsworth S, STEPUP team
Staphylococcus argenteus transmission among healthy Royal Marines: a molecular epidemiology case-study. Journal of Infection Journal Article 29/08/2021 Jauneikaite E, Pichon B, Mosavie M, Fallowfield JL, Davey T, Thorpe N, Nelstrop A, Sriskandan S, Lamb LE
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) deletions as biomarkers of response to treatment of chronic active EBV British Journal of Haematology Article, Early Access, Journal 24/08/2021 Venturini C, Houldcroft CJ, Lazareva A, Wegner F, Morfopoulou S, Amrolia PJ, Golwala Z, Rao A, Marks SD, Simmonds J, Yoshikawa T, Farrell PJ, Cohen J, Worth AJ, Breuer J
Cis regulation within a cluster of viral microRNAs. Nucleic Acids Research Journal Article 20/08/2021 Vilimova M, Contrant M, Randrianjafy R, Dumas P, Elbasani E, Ojala PM, Pfeffer S, Fender A
Refactoring of a synthetic raspberry ketone pathway with EcoFlex (vol 20, 116, 2021) Microbial Cell Factories Correction, Journal 18/08/2021 Moore SJ, Hleba YB, Bischoff S, Bell D, Polizzi KM, Freemont PS
Interplay of diverse adjuvants and nanoparticle presentation of native-like HIV-1 envelope trimers npj Vaccines Article, Journal 17/08/2021 Sliepen K, Schermer E, Bontjer I, Burger JA, Levai RF, Mundsperger P, Brouwer PJM, Tolazzi M, Farsang A, Katinger D, Moore JP, Scarlatti G, Shattock RJ, Sattentau QJ, Sanders RW
Structural basis for the inhibition of HTLV-1 integration inferred from cryo-EM deltaretroviral intasome structures Nature Communications Article, Journal 17/08/2021 Barski MS, Vanzo T, Zhao XZ, Smith SJ, Ballandras-Colas A, Cronin NB, Pye VE, Hughes SH, Burke TR, Cherepanov P, Maertens GN
Discovery and validation of a three-gene signature to distinguish COVID-19 and other viral infections in emergency infectious disease presentations: a case-control and observational cohort study. The Lancet Microbe Journal Article 16/08/2021 Li HK, Kaforou M, Rodriguez-Manzano J, Channon-Wells S, Moniri A, Habgood-Coote D, Gupta RK, Mills EA, Arancon D, Lin J, Chiu Y-H, Pennisi I, Miglietta L, Mehta R, Obaray N, Herberg JA, Wright VJ, Georgiou P, Shallcross LJ, Mentzer AJ, Levin M, Cooke GS, Noursadeghi M, Sriskandan S
2020 Hindsight: Should evolutionary virologists have expected the unexpected during a pandemic? Evolution Editorial Material, Early Access, Editorial material, Journal 12/08/2021 Goldhill DH, Barclay WS
A Minimal Load-and-Lock Ru-II Luminescent DNA Probe Angewandte Chemie International Edition Article, Early Access, Journal 11/08/2021 Newton MD, Fairbanks SD, Thomas JA, Rueda DS
Ceftazidime-Avibactam for the Treatment of Serious Gram-Negative Infections with Limited Treatment Options: A Systematic Literature Review Infectious Diseases and Therapy Review, Early Access, Journal 11/08/2021 Soriano A, Carmeli Y, Omrani AS, Moore LSP, Tawadrous M, Irani P
Therapy for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children. Reply. New England Journal of Medicine Letter, Comment 11/08/2021 McArdle AJ, Cunnington AJ, Levin M
Rapid Detection and Typing of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Serovars Directly From Clinical Samples: Combining FTA(R) Card Technology With Multiplex PCR Frontiers in Veterinary Science Article, Journal 10/08/2021 Stringer OW, Bosse JT, Lacouture S, Gottschalk M, Fodor L, Angen O, Velazquez E, Penny P, Lei L, Langford PR, Li Y
Progress of the COVID-19 vaccine effort: viruses, vaccines and variants versus efficacy, effectiveness and escape Nature Reviews Immunology Article, Early Access, Journal 09/08/2021 Tregoning JS, Flight KE, Higham SL, Wang Z, Pierce BE
A pair of non-competing neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies protecting from disease in a SARS-CoV-2 infection model. European Journal of Immunology Journal Article 06/08/2021 Peter AS, Roth E, Schulz SR, Fraedrich K, Steinmetz T, Damm D, Hauke M, Richel E, Mueller-Schmucker S, Habenicht K, Eberlein V, Issmail L, Uhlig N, Dolles S, Grüner E, Peterhoff D, Ciesek S, Hoffmann M, Pöhlmann S, McKay PF, Shattock RJ, Wölfel R, Socher E, Wagner R, Eichler J, Sticht H, Schuh W, Neipel F, Ensser A, Mielenz D, Tenbusch M, Winkler TH, Grunwald T, Überla K, Jäck H-M
Humoral and T-cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in patients receiving immunosuppression. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases Journal Article 06/08/2021 Prendecki M, Clarke C, Edwards H, McIntyre S, Mortimer P, Gleeson S, Martin P, Thomson T, Randell P, Shah A, Singanayagam A, Lightstone L, Cox A, Kelleher P, Willicombe M, McAdoo SP
Inborn errors of autophagy and infectious diseases. Current Opinion in Immunology Journal Article, Review 06/08/2021 Sabli IK, Sancho-Shimizu V
Premature neonatal gut microbial community patterns supporting an epithelial TLR-mediated pathway for necrotizing enterocolitis BMC Microbiology Article, Journal 06/08/2021 Shaw AG, Sim K, Rose G, Wooldridge DJ, Li M-S, Misra R, Gharbia S, Kroll JS
Association between clinical and environmental factors and the gut microbiota profiles in young South African children Scientific Reports Article, Journal 05/08/2021 Van Zyl KN, Whitelaw AC, Hesseling AC, Seddon JA, Demers A-M, Newton-Foot M
Global guideline for the diagnosis and management of the endemic mycoses: an initiative of the European Confederation of Medical Mycology in cooperation with the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology. Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal Article, Review 05/08/2021 Thompson GR, Le T, Chindamporn A, Kauffman CA, Alastruey-Izquierdo A, Ampel NM, Andes DR, Armstrong-James D, Ayanlowo O, Baddley JW, Barker BM, Lopes Bezerra L, Buitrago MJ, Chamani-Tabriz L, Chan JFW, Chayakulkeeree M, Cornely OA, Cunwei C, Gangneux J-P, Govender NP, Hagen F, Hedayati MT, Hohl TM, Jouvion G, Kenyon C, Kibbler CC, Klimko N, Kong DCM, Krause R, Lee Lee L, Meintjes G, Miceli MH, Rath P-M, Spec A, Queiroz-Telles F, Variava E, Verweij PE, Schwartz IS, Pasqualotto AC
Mortality during tuberculosis treatment in South Africa using an 8-year analysis of the national tuberculosis treatment register Scientific Reports Article, Journal 05/08/2021 Osman M, van Schalkwyk C, Naidoo P, Seddon JA, Dunbar R, Dlamini SS, Welte A, Hesseling AC, Claassens MM
Real-world evaluation of COVID-19 lateral flow device (LFD) mass-testing in healthcare workers at a London hospital; a prospective cohort analysis. Journal of Infection Journal Article 05/08/2021 Lamb G, Heskin J, Randell P, Mughal N, Moore LS, Jones R, Davies GW, Rayment M

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