Funding successes: January 2022

Congratulations to all members of the Department who have recently been awarded research grants. Here is our round-up of the latest funding successes.

Please note, this list comprises awards that have recently been set up on College’s grants management system, with some manual additions. It may not, therefore, include all new grants awarded to Principal Investigators in the Department.

Principal Investigator Group Original Sponsor Funding Scheme Proposal Title Awarded Amount (£)
Dr Goedele Maertens Molecular Virology Blood Cancer UK Project grant Investigating the roles of p53 and STAT1 in HTLV-1 integration site selection and proviral expression 249,000
Professor Francis Drobniewski Adult Infectious Disease Commission of the European Communities Vaccines & therapeutic clinical trials to boost COVID-19 prevention and treatment EuCARE: European Cohorts of Patients and Schools to Advance Response to Epidemics 322,878
Professor Wendy Barclay Molecular Virology Public Health England N/A Human Airway Epithelial Cell Model for Investigation of Respiratory Virus Coinfections 109,854
Dr John Tregoning (in collaboration with Professor Paul Kellam) Infection and Immunity Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in collaboration with Kymab N/A Kymouse for flu 89,663
Professor Robin Shattock Infection and Immunity Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust- BRC Funding Infection Theme Second Generation COVID vaccine – Final Visit Costs and ICRF Clinical Research Fellow 27,018

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