Latest publications: January 2023

Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of the latest publication successes.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a monthly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.

Title  Canonical journal title Publication type Authors OR Authors/Contributors Publication date
A rapid, simple, high-performance liquid chromatography method for the clinical measurement of beta-lactam antibiotics in serum and interstitial fluid. Analytical Methods: advancing methods and applications Journal Article Riezk A, Wilson RC, Rawson TM, Vasikasin V, Arkel P, Ferris TJ, Haigh LD, Cass AEG, Holmes AH 26/01/2023
A widespread family of phage-inducible chromosomal islands only steals bacteriophage tails to spread in nature. Cell Host and Microbe Journal Article Alqurainy N, Miguel-Romero L, Moura de Sousa J, Chen J, Rocha EPC, Fillol-Salom A, Penadés JR 11/01/2023
An analysis of existing national action plans for antimicrobial resistance-gaps and opportunities in strategies optimising antibiotic use in human populations. The Lancet Global Health Journal Article, Review Charani E, Mendelson M, Pallett SJC, Ahmad R, Mpundu M, Mbamalu O, Bonaconsa C, Nampoothiri V, Singh S, Peiffer-Smadja N, Anton-Vazquez V, Moore LSP, Schouten J, Kostyanev T, Vlahović-Palčevski V, Kofteridis D, Corrêa JS, Holmes AH 02/02/2023
Avian Influenza A Virus Polymerase Can Utilize Human ANP32 Proteins To Support cRNA but Not vRNA Synthesis mBio Article, Early Access, Journal Swann OC, Rasmussen AB, Peacock TP, Sheppard CM, Barclay WS 16/01/2023
Awareness and perceptions of Long COVID among people in the REACT programme: Early insights from a pilot interview study. PLoS One Journal Article Cooper E, Lound A, Atchison CJ, Whitaker M, Eccles C, Cooke GS, Elliott P, Ward H 26/01/2023
Characterization of a glycan-binding complex of minor pilins completes the analysis of Streptococcus sanguinis type 4 pili subunits. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA Journal Article Shahin M, Sheppard D, Raynaud C, Berry J-L, Gurung I, Silva LM, Feizi T, Liu Y, Pelicic V 17/01/2023
Correlates of immunity to Group A Streptococcus: a pathway to vaccine development. npj Vaccines Journal Article, Review Frost H, Excler J-L, Sriskandan S, Fulurija A 17/01/2023
Design and implementation of a national SARS-CoV-2 monitoring programme in England: REACT-1 Study American Journal of Public Health Journal Article Elliott P, Whitaker M, Tang D, Eales O, Steyn N, Bodinier B, Wang H, Elliott J, Atchison C, Ashby D, Barclay W, Taylor G, Darzi A, Cooke G, Ward H, Donnelly C, Riley S, Chadeau M 10/01/2023
Designing an optimal infection prevention service: Part 2. Journal of Infection Prevention Journal Article Robinson J, Price L, Otter J, Burnett E 01/01/2023
Development of the gut microbiota during early life in premature and term infants Gut Pathogens Journal Article Sim K, Powell E, Cornwell E, Simon Kroll J, Shaw AG 16/01/2023
Disruption to water supply and waterborne communicable diseases in northeast Syria: a spatiotemporal analysis. Conflict and Health Journal Article Tabor R, Almhawish N, Aladhan I, Tarnas M, Sullivan R, Karah N, Zeitoun M, Ratnayake R, Abbara A 04/02/2023
DNA synthesis technologies to close the gene writing gap. Nature Reviews Chemistry Journal Article, Review Hoose A, Vellacott R, Storch M, Freemont PS, Ryadnov MG 23/01/2023
Effects of tuberculosis and/or HIV-1 infection on COVID-19 presentation and immune response in Africa. Nature Communications Journal Article du Bruyn E, Stek C, Daroowala R, Said-Hartley Q, Hsiao M, Schafer G, Goliath RT, Abrahams F, Jackson A, Wasserman S, Allwood BW, Davis AG, Lai RP-J, Coussens AK, Wilkinson KA, de Vries J, Tiffin N, Cerrone M, Ntusi NAB, HIATUS consortium, Riou C, Wilkinson RJ 12/01/2023
Efficacy of ultra-short, response-guided sofosbuvir and daclatasvir therapy for hepatitis C in a single-arm mechanistic pilot study. eLife Journal Article Flower B, Hung LM, Mccabe L, Ansari MA, Le Ngoc C, Vo Thi T, Vu Thi Kim H, Nguyen Thi Ngoc P, Phuong LT, Quang VM, Dang Trong T, Le Thi T, Nguyen Bao T, Kingsley C, Smith D, Hoglund RM, Tarning J, Kestelyn E, Pett SL, van Doorn R, Van Nuil JI, Turner H, Thwaites GE, Barnes E, Rahman M, Walker AS, Day JN, Chau NVV, Cooke GS 09/01/2023
Erythematous maculopapular rash in monkeypox virus infection: A retrospective case series of 30 patients. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Letter Bertin C, Beaumont A-L, Merlant M, Mailhe M, Le Pluart D, Deconinck L, Thy M, Cortier M, Garé M, Dollat M, Rahi M, Joly V, Lariven S, Rioux C, Truong A, Deschamps L, Ferré VM, Charpentier C, Lescure F-X, Bouscarat F, Descamps V, Yazdanpanah Y, Peiffer-Smadja N 17/01/2023
Evaluation of clinical harm associated with Omicron hospital-onset COVID-19 infection Journal of Infection Journal Article Otter JA, Newsholme W, Snell LB, Merrick B, Okeke N, Mack DJF, Breathnach AS, Price NM 01/01/2023
HERV1-env Induces Unfolded Protein Response Activation in Autoimmune Liver Disease: A Potential Mechanism for Regulatory T Cell Dysfunction. Journal of Immunology Journal Article Subramanian K, Paul S, Libby A, Patterson J, Arterbery A, Knight J, Castaldi C, Wang G, Avitzur Y, Martinez M, Lobritto S, Deng Y, Geliang G, Kroemer A, Fishbein T, Mason A, Dominguez-Villar M, Mariappan M, Ekong UD 01/02/2023
Histiocytoid Sweet Syndrome Presenting in Two Sisters With Deficiency of Deaminase Type 2. American Journal of Dermatopathology Journal Article Hui Ong EL, Cooray S, Brogan P, Calonje E 01/01/2023
Human leukocyte antigen alleles associate with COVID-19 vaccine immunogenicity and risk of breakthrough infection. Nature Medicine Journal Article Mentzer AJ, O’Connor D, Bibi S, Chelysheva I, Clutterbuck EA, Demissie T, Dinesh T, Edwards NJ, Felle S, Feng S, Flaxman AL, Karp-Tatham E, Li G, Liu X, Marchevsky N, Godfrey L, Makinson R, Bull MB, Fowler J, Alamad B, Malinauskas T, Chong AY, Sanders K, Shaw RH, Voysey M, Oxford COVID Vaccine Trial Genetics Study Team Group, Snape MD, Pollard AJ, Lambe T, Knight JC 01/01/2023
Identification and control for the effects of bioinformatic globin depletion on human RNA-seq differential expression analysis. Scientific Reports Journal Article Sheerin D, Lakay F, Esmail H, Kinnear C, Sansom B, Glanzmann B, Wilkinson RJ, Ritchie ME, Coussens AK 01/02/2023
Image-based digital post-discharge surveillance in England: measuring patient enrolment, engagement, clinician response times, surgical site infection, and carbon footprint. Journal of Hospital Infection Journal Article Rochon M, Jawarchan A, Fagan F, Otter JA, Tanner J 13/01/2023
Innate receptors modulating adaptive T cell responses: KIR-HLA interactions and T cell-mediated control of chronic viral infections Immunogenetics Journal Article Mora Bitria L, Asquith R 31/01/2023
Investment in Cancer Prevention and Care for Forcibly Displaced Syrians Is an Urgent Priority. JCO Global Oncology Journal Article Carew JW, Hamze M, Atassi B, Abbara A, Khoshnood K 01/01/2023
KSHV infection of endothelial precursor cells with lymphatic characteristics as a novel model for translational Kaposi’s sarcoma studies. PLoS Pathogens Journal Article Tuohinto K, DiMaio TA, Kiss EA, Laakkonen P, Saharinen P, Karnezis T, Lagunoff M, Ojala PM 23/01/2023
Mapping patient pathways and understanding clinical decision-making in dengue management to inform the development of digital health tools. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t Nguyen QH, Ming DK, Luu AP, Chanh HQ, Tam DTH, Truong NT, Huy VX, Hernandez B, Van Nuil JI, Paton C, Georgiou P, Nguyen NM, Holmes A, Tho PV, Yacoub S, Vietnam ICU Translational Applications Laboratory (VITAL) investigators 02/02/2023
Multi-centre, randomised, open-label, blinded endpoint assessed, trial of corticosteroids plus intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) and aspirin, versus IVIG and aspirin for prevention of coronary artery aneurysms (CAA) in Kawasaki disease (KD): the KD CAA prevention (KD-CAAP) trial protocol. Trials Clinical Trial Protocol, Journal Article Eleftheriou D, Moraes YC, Purvis C, Pursell M, Morillas MM, Kahn R, Mossberg M, Kucera F, Tulloh R, Standing JF, Swallow V, McCormack R, Herberg J, Levin M, Wan M, Klein N, Connon R, Walker AS, Brogan P 26/01/2023
Novel use of oral chloramphenicol for treatment-resistant Mycoplasma genitalium. Sexually Transmitted Infections Journal Article Goodfellow JJ, Hughes S, Smith J, Jones R, Moore LSP, Rayment M 30/01/2023
Perfect adaptation achieved by transport limitations governs the inorganic phosphate response in S. cerevisiae. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA Journal Article Ming Yip H, Cheng S, Olson EJ, Crone M, Maerkl SJ 10/01/2023
Phenotypic Profile of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Specific CD4 T-Cell Responses in People With Advanced Human Immunodeficiency Virus Who Develop Tuberculosis-Associated Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome. Open Forum Infectious Diseases Journal Article Moseki RM, Barber DL, Du Bruyn E, Shey M, Van der Plas H, Wilkinson RJ, Meintjes G, Riou C 04/01/2023
Plasmodium vivax in Children: Hidden Burden and Conspicuous Challenges, a Narrative Review. Infectious Diseases and Therapy Journal Article, Review Drysdale M, Tan L, Martin A, Fuhrer IB, Duparc S, Sharma H 15/11/2022
PPNet: Identifying Functional Association Networks by Phylogenetic Profiling of Prokaryotic Genomes. Microbiology Spectrum Journal Article Li Y, Ma B, Hua K, Gong H, He R, Luo R, Bi D, Zhou R, Langford PR, Jin H 05/01/2023
Pre-analytical long-term stability of neopterin and neurofilament light in stored cerebrospinal fluid samples. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Journal Article Rosadas C, Taylor GP 25/01/2023
Proteomic analysis of mucosal and systemic responses to SARS-CoV-2 antigen Vaccines Journal Article Martinson N, Gordhan B, Petkov S, Pillay A-D, Seiphetlo T, Singh N, Otwombe K, Lebina L, Fredolini C, Chiodi F, Fox J, Kana B, Herrera C 05/02/2023
PRSet: Pathway-based polygenic risk score analyses and software. PLoS Genetics Journal Article Choi SW, García-González J, Ruan Y, Wu HM, Porras C, Johnson J, Bipolar Disorder Working group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, Hoggart CJ, O’Reilly PF 07/02/2023
Publishing where it matters. Journal of Cell Science Journal Article Way M 15/01/2023
Reasons for reductions in routine childhood immunisation uptake during the COVID-19 pandemic in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review PLOS Global Public Health Journal Article Cardoso Pinto A, Shariq S, Ranasinghe L, Budhathoki S, Skirrow H, Whittaker E, Seddon J 24/01/2023
Reframing antimicrobial resistance as a continuous spectrum of manifestations. Current Opinion in Microbiology Journal Article, Review Schrader SM, Botella H, Vaubourgeix J 04/01/2023
Resurgence of group A streptococcal disease in children. BMJ: British Medical Journal Editorial Bamford A, Whittaker E 10/01/2023
SARS-CoV-2 variant biology: immune escape, transmission and fitness. Nature Reviews Microbiology Journal Article, Review Carabelli AM, Peacock TP, Thorne LG, Harvey WT, Hughes J, COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium, Peacock SJ, Barclay WS, de Silva TI, Towers GJ, Robertson DL 18/01/2023
SARS-CoV-2-specific nasal IgA wanes 9 months after hospitalisation with COVID-19 and is not induced by subsequent vaccination. EBioMedicine Journal Article Liew F, Talwar S, Cross A, Willett BJ, Scott S, Logan N, Siggins MK, Swieboda D, Sidhu JK, Efstathiou C, Moore SC, Davis C, Mohamed N, Nunag J, King C, Thompson AAR, Rowland-Jones SL, Docherty AB, Chalmers JD, Ho L-P, Horsley A, Raman B, Poinasamy K, Marks M, Kon OM, Howard L, Wootton DG, Dunachie S, Quint JK, Evans RA, Wain LV, Fontanella S, de Silva TI, Ho A, Harrison E, Baillie JK, Semple MG, Brightling C, Thwaites RS, Turtle L, Openshaw PJM, ISARIC4C Investigators, PHOSP-COVID collaborative group 20/12/2022
Short-term outcome of late gadolinium changes detected on cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging following coronavirus disease 2019 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine-related myocarditis in adolescents Pediatric Radiology: roentgenology, nuclear medicine, ultrasonics, CT, MRI Article, Early Access, Journal Krupickova S, Voges I, Mohiaddin R, Bautista C, Li W, Herberg J, Daubeney PEF, Pennell DJ, Fraisse A 09/01/2023
The Bacteriophage-Phage-Inducible Chromosomal Island Arms Race Designs an Interkingdom Inhibitor of dUTPases Microbiology Spectrum Article, Early Access, Journal Sanz-Frasquet C, Rafael Ciges-Tomas J, Alite C, Penades JR, Marina A 09/01/2023
The clinical presentation of monkeypox: a retrospective case-control study of patients with possible or probable monkeypox in a West London cohort. International Journal of Infectious Diseases Journal Article Rimmer S, Barnacle J, Gibani MM, Wu M-S, Dissanayake O, Mehta R, Herdman T, Gilchrist M, Muir D, Ebrahimsa U, Mora-Peris B, Dosekun O, Garvey L, Peters J, Davies F, Cooke G, Abbara A 18/11/2022
The elephant in the room: Exploring the influence and participation of patients in infection-related care across surgical pathways in South Africa and India. Health Expectations Journal Article Nampoothiri V, Mbamalu O, Surendran S, Bonaconsa C, Pennel T, Boutall A, Gopal K, Castro Sanchez E, Dhar P, Holmes A, Singh S, Mendelson M, Tarrant C, Charani E, ASPIRES Co-Investigators 31/01/2023
The epidemiology and burden of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder, multiple sclerosis, and MOG antibody-associated disease in a province in Thailand: A population-based study. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders Journal Article Tisavipat N, Jitpratoom P, Siritho S, Prayoonwiwat N, Apiwattanakul M, Boonyasiri A, Rattanathamsakul N, Jitprapaikulsan J 07/01/2023
The lived experience of patients with conflict associated injuries whose wounds are affected by antimicrobial resistant organisms: a qualitative study from northwest Syria Conflict and Health Article, Journal Aldbis A, Naal H, Kishawi T, Wazni R, Abbara A 21/01/2023
The role of CD8+ T cell clones in immune thrombocytopenia. Blood Journal Article Malik A, Sayed AA, Han P, Tan MMH, Watt E, Constantinescu-Bercu A, Cocker ATH, Khoder A, Saputil RC, Thorley EV, Teklemichael A, Ding Y, Hart ACJ, Zhang H, Mitchell WA, Imami N, Crawley JTB, Salles-Crawley II, Bussel JB, Zehnder JL, Adams SP, Zhang BM, Cooper N 07/02/2023
The use of imagery in global health: an analysis of infectious disease documents and a framework to guide practice. The Lancet Global Health Journal Article, Review Charani E, Shariq S, Cardoso Pinto AM, Farooqi R, Nambatya W, Mbamalu O, Abimbola S, Mendelson M 01/01/2023
Triple quadrupole LC/MS method for the simultaneous quantitative measurement of cefiderocol and meropenem in serum Analytical Methods: advancing methods and applications Article, Early Access, Journal Riezk A, Vasikasin V, Wilson RCC, Rawson TMM, McLeod JGG, Dhillon R, Duckers J, Cass AEG, Holmes AHH 13/01/2023
Utility of a buccal swab point-of-care test for the IFNL4 genotype in the era of direct acting antivirals for hepatitis C virus. PLoS One Journal Article Sy A, McCabe L, Hudson E, Ansari AM, Pedergnana V, Lin S-K, Santana S, Fiorino M, Ala A, Stone B, Smith M, Nelson M, Barclay ST, McPherson S, Ryder SD, Collier J, Barnes E, Walker AS, Pett SL, Cooke G, STOP-HCV-1 trial team 23/01/2023

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