Latest publications: December 2023

Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of the latest publication successes.

To ensure the quality and accuracy of the information published on this blog, we source our data directly from Symplectic. Our reports are generated on a monthly basis, which means there may be a delay in publicising some publications.



Title Canonical journal title Publication type Authors OR Authors/Contributors Publication date
A preclinical model of TB meningitis to determine drug penetration and activity at the sites of disease. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Journal Article, Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t Lanni F, Antilus Sainte R, Hansen M, Parigi P, Kaya F, LoMauro K, Siow B, Wilkinson RJ, Wasserman S, Podell BK, Gengenbacher M, Dartois V 14/12/2023
Anticholinergic medications associated with falls and frailty in people with HIV HIV Medicine Article, Early Access, Journal Doctor J, Winston A, Vera JH, Post FA, Boffito M, Mallon PWG, Anderson J, Prechtl C, Williams I, Johnson M, Bagkeris E, Sachikonye M, Sabin CA, POPPY S 29/08/2023
Beyond latent and active tuberculosis: a scoping review of conceptual frameworks. EClinicalMedicine Journal Article, Review Zaidi SMA, Coussens AK, Seddon JA, Kredo T, Warner D, Houben RMGJ, Esmail H 01/12/2023
BridgePRS leverages shared genetic effects across ancestries to increase polygenic risk score portability. Nature Genetics Journal Article Hoggart CJ, Choi SW, García-González J, Souaiaia T, Preuss M, O’Reilly PF 20/12/2023
Changes in public health-seeking behaviours for self-limiting respiratory tract infections across England during the COVID-19 pandemic European Journal of Public Health Article, Early Access, Journal Read B, McLeod M, Tonkin-Crine S, Ashiru-Oredope D, Quigley A, Brown CS, Lecky DM 09/12/2023
Characterization of a unique repression system present in arbitrium phages of the SPbeta family. Cell Host and Microbe Journal Article Brady A, Cabello-Yeves E, Gallego Del Sol F, Chmielowska C, Mancheño-Bonillo J, Zamora-Caballero S, Omer SB, Torres-Puente M, Eldar A, Quiles-Puchalt N, Marina A, Penadés JR 13/12/2023
Characterization of the RofA regulon in the pandemic M1global and emergent M1UK lineages of Streptococcus pyogenes. Microbial Genomics Journal Article Zhi X, Vieira A, Huse KK, Martel PJ, Lobkowicz L, Li HK, Croucher N, Andrew I, Game L, Sriskandan S 01/12/2023
Commentary: Post-COVID Condition in Children and Young People: Where Are We Now? The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal Journal Article Whittaker EA 01/12/2023
Comparison of paediatric basic life support guidelines endorsed by member councils of Resuscitation Council of Asia Resuscitation Plus Journal Article Ong GY, Kurosawa H, Ikeyama T, Park JD, Katanyuwong P, Reyes OCF, Wu E-T, Hon KLE, Maconochie IK, Shepard LN, Nadkarni VM, Ng KC 01/12/2023
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) impact on central-line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI): a systematic review. Infection Prevention in Practice Journal Article, Review Satta G, Rawson TM, Moore LSP 01/12/2023
Development and Pilot Implementation of Neotree, a Digital Quality Improvement Tool Designed to Improve Newborn Care and Survival in 3 Hospitals in Malawi and Zimbabwe: Cost Analysis Study. JMIR mHealth and uHealth Journal Article Haghparast-Bidgoli H, Hull-Bailey T, Nkhoma D, Chiyaka T, Wilson E, Fitzgerald F, Chimhini G, Khan N, Gannon H, Batura R, Cortina-Borja M, Larsson L, Chiume M, Sassoon Y, Chimhuya S, Heys M 22/12/2023
Early mucosal events promote distinct mucosal and systemic antibody responses to live attenuated influenza vaccine. Nature Communications Journal Article Thwaites RS, Uruchurtu ASS, Negri VA, Cole ME, Singh N, Poshai N, Jackson D, Hoschler K, Baker T, Scott IC, Ros XR, Cohen ES, Zambon M, Pollock KM, Hansel TT, Openshaw PJM 05/12/2023
EBV and MS: The evidence is growing stronger. Cell Journal Article Farrell PJ 21/12/2023
External validation of a multivariable prediction model for identification of pneumonia and other serious bacterial infections in febrile immunocompromised children Archives of Disease in Childhood Article, Early Access, Journal Martin AJ, van der Velden FJS, von Both U, Tsolia MN, Zenz W, Sagmeister M, Vermont C, de Vries G, Kolberg L, Lim E, Pokorn M, Zavadska D, Martinon-Torres F, Rivero-Calle I, Hagedoorn NN, Usuf E, Schlapbach L, Kuijpers TW, Pollard AJ, Yeung S, Fink C, Voice M, Carrol E, Agyeman PKA, Khanijau A, Paulus S, De T, Herberg JA, Levin M, van der Flier M, de Groot R, Nijman R, Emonts M, PERFORM C 14/12/2023
Extracellular vesicles and co-isolated endogenous retroviruses from murine cancer cells differentially affect dendritic cells. The EMBO Journal Journal Article Cocozza F, Martin-Jaular L, Lippens L, Di Cicco A, Arribas YA, Ansart N, Dingli F, Richard M, Merle L, Jouve San Roman M, Poullet P, Loew D, Lévy D, Hendrix A, Kassiotis G, Joliot A, Tkach M, Théry C 11/12/2023
Factors associated with an increased risk of developing pneumonia during acute ischemic stroke hospitalization. PLoS One Journal Article Jitpratoom P, Boonyasiri A 16/07/1905
Genomics for public health and international surveillance of antimicrobial resistance. The Lancet Microbe Journal Article, Review Baker KS, Jauneikaite E, Hopkins KL, Lo SW, Sánchez-Busó L, Getino M, Howden BP, Holt KE, Musila LA, Hendriksen RS, Amoako DG, Aanensen DM, Okeke IN, Egyir B, Nunn JG, Midega JT, Feasey NA, Peacock SJ, SEDRIC Genomics Surveillance Working Group 01/12/2023
Global Hfq-mediated RNA interactome of nitrogen starved Escherichia coli uncovers a conserved post-transcriptional regulatory axis required for optimal growth recovery. Nucleic Acids Research Journal Article McQuail J, Matera G, Gräfenhan T, Bischler T, Haberkant P, Stein F, Vogel J, Wigneshweraraj S 24/12/2023
How Dark Souls and Darth Revan helped me to make sense of my professorship. Nature News Tregoning J 19/12/2023
Impaired lung function in adolescents with pulmonary tuberculosis during treatment and following treatment completion EClinicalMedicine Journal Article van der zalm M, jongen V, swanepoel R, zimri K, allwood B, palmer M, dunbar R, goussard P, schaaf H, hesseling A, Seddon J 02/01/2023
Interventions to reduce peripheral intravenous catheter failure: An international e-Delphi consensus on relevance and feasibility of implementation. Journal of Infection and Public Health Journal Article Blanco-Mavillard I, Personat-Labrador C, Castro-Sánchez E, Rodríguez-Calero MÁ, Fernández-Fernández I, Carr PJ, Armenteros-Yeguas V, Parra-García G, de Pedro-Gómez J 01/12/2023
Is the level of varicella-zoster virus IgG associated with symptomatic status of genital herpes simplex virus infection? A case-control study. International Journal of STD and AIDS Journal Article Palmer BS, Tang A, Winchester S, Atkins M, Barton S, Kelleher P 13/12/2023
Journal of Cell Science – more than just a journal. Journal of Cell Science Journal Article Grewal S, Way M 15/12/2023
Multidrug-Resistant Pathogens Contaminate River Water Used in Irrigation in Disenfranchised Communities: Multidrug-resistant pathogens in irrigation waters. Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance Journal Article Osman M, Daaboul D, Tajani AG, Omari KE, Bisha B, Hassan J, Cazer CL, Fiorella KJ, Karah N, Abbara A, Hamze M, Cummings KJ, Naas T, Kassem II 26/12/2023
Parvovirus B19 Induced Acute Severe Anaemia in a Well-Controlled HIV-positive Individual Clinical Infection in Practice Journal Article Swaine T, Ahmad N, Abbara A, Mora-Peris B, Wickremasinghe M, Lambert C, Khan A, Randell P 01/12/2023
Patient research priority setting partnership in human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I Health Expectations Article, Early Access, Journal Adonis A, Russell A-M, Taylor GP, Preston M, Shields A, Strachan S, Young S, Diallo H, Ashford S, Cassidy E 01/12/2023
Propylene glycol inactivates respiratory viruses and prevents airborne transmission. EMBO Molecular Medicine Journal Article Styles CT, Zhou J, Flight KE, Brown JC, Lewis C, Wang X, Vanden Oever M, Peacock TP, Wang Z, Millns R, O’Neill JS, Borodavka A, Grove J, Barclay WS, Tregoning JS, Edgar RS 07/12/2023
Recent advances in understanding the human host immune response in tuberculous meningitis Frontiers in Immunology Review Barnacle J, Davis A, Wilkinson R 09/01/2024
Reducing cell intrinsic immunity to mRNA vaccine alters adaptive immune responses in mice. Molecular Therapy: Nucleic Acids Journal Article Wang Z, Jacobus EJ, Stirling DC, Krumm S, Flight KE, Cunliffe RF, Mottl J, Singh C, Mosscrop LG, Santiago LA, Vogel AB, Kariko K, Sahin U, Erbar S, Tregoning JS 12/12/2023
Standards for clinical trials for treating TB. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Journal Article du Cros P, Greig J, Alffenaar J-WC, Cross GB, Cousins C, Berry C, Khan U, Phillips PPJ, Velásquez GE, Furin J, Spigelman M, Denholm JT, Thi SS, Tiberi S, Huang GKL, Marks GB, Turkova A, Guglielmetti L, Chew KL, Nguyen HT, Ong CWM, Brigden G, Singh KP, Motta I, Lange C, Seddon JA, Nyang’wa B-T, Maug AKJ, Gler MT, Dooley KE, Quelapio M, Tsogt B, Menzies D, Cox V, Upton CM, Skrahina A, McKenna L, Horsburgh CR, Dheda K, Marais BJ 01/12/2023
Switching Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF) to Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate (TAF) in Hepatitis B/HIV Co-Infection: A Feasibility Study. Clinical Therapeutics: the international peer-reviewed journal of drug therapy Journal Article Lok J, Veloz MFG, Byrne R, Carey I, Childs K, Agarwal K, Nelson M 23/12/2023
Systematic functional analysis of the Com pilus in Streptococcus sanguinis: a minimalistic type 4 filament dedicated to DNA uptake in monoderm bacteria. mBio Journal Article Mom J, Chouikha I, Valette O, Pieulle L, Pelicic V 14/12/2023
Ten simple rules for managing laboratory information. PLoS Computational Biology Journal Article Berezin C-T, Aguilera LU, Billerbeck S, Bourne PE, Densmore D, Freemont P, Gorochowski TE, Hernandez SI, Hillson NJ, King CR, Köpke M, Ma S, Miller KM, Moon TS, Moore JH, Munsky B, Myers CJ, Nicholas DA, Peccoud SJ, Zhou W, Peccoud J 01/12/2023
Tetherin antagonism by SARS-CoV-2 ORF3a and spike protein enhances virus release EMBO Reports Article, Early Access, Journal Stewart H, Palmulli R, Johansen KH, Mcgovern N, Shehata OM, Carnell GW, Jackson HK, Lee JS, Brown JC, Burgoyne T, Heeney JL, Okkenhaug K, Firth AE, Peden AA, Edgar JR 11/10/2023
The amount of Nck rather than N-WASP correlates with the rate of actin-based motility of Vaccinia virus. Microbiology Spectrum Journal Article Basant A, Way M 12/12/2023
The use of routinely collected electronic prescribing data to benchmark intravenous antibiotic use between two tertiary paediatric haematology-oncology inpatient units: a retrospective study. JAC-Antimicrobial Resistance Journal Article Channon-Wells S, Hérin C, Elbeshlawi I, Gray J, Patel S, Paulus S 01/02/2024
Tuberculosis in Ukrainian War Refugees and Migrants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: A Molecular Epidemiological Study. Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health Journal Article Dohál M, Dvořáková V, Šperková M, Pinková M, Ghodousi A, Omrani M, Porvazník I, Rasmussen EM, Škereňová M, Krivošová M, Wallenfels J, Konstantynovska O, Walker TM, Nikolayevskyy V, Cirillo DM, Solovič I, Mokrý J 04/12/2023
Understanding participant perspectives around HIV-1 cure-related studies involving antiretroviral analytical treatment interruptions in the United Kingdom. Journal of Virus Eradication Journal Article Lee MJ, Godakandaarachchi P, Collins S, Racz M, Sharp A, Fidler S, Fox J 01/12/2023
Wastewater-based epidemiology of Campylobacter spp.: A systematic review and meta-analysis of influent, effluent, and removal of wastewater treatment plants Science of the Total Environment Review, Journal Zhang S, Shi J, Li X, Tiwari A, Gao S, Zhou X, Sun X, O’Brien JW, Coin L, Hai F, Jiang G 10/12/2023
What does SARS-CoV-2 tell us about the aetiology of environmental triggers for diabetes in children and young people? Acta Paediatrica: promoting child health Editorial Material, Early Access, Journal Ponmani C, Lyttle MD, Barrett M, Hulse T, Nijman RG, Roland D, DIMPLES SG 01/12/2023
Personalising intravenous to oral antibiotic switch decision making through fair interpretable machine learning Nature Communications Journal article Bolton W, Wilson R, Gilchrist M, Georgiou P, Holmes A, Rawson MT 13/01/2024
A novel computational pipeline for var gene expression augments the discovery of changes in the Plasmodium falciparum transcriptome during transition from in vivo to short-term in vitro culture eLife Journal article Andradi-Brown C, Wichers-Misterek JS, von Thien H,  Höppner YD, Scholz JAM, Hansson H, Hocke EF, Gilberger TW, Duffy MF, Lavstsen T, Baum J, Otto TD, Cunnington AJ, Bachmann A 25/01/2024