International Pathology Summer School | Dr Mona El-Bahrawy

From L-R: Professor Ismail Matalka (International Advisor for MENA Region, The Royal College of Pathologists [UK]), Major General Khaled Amer (First and former Dean for The Armed Forces College of Medicine [Egypt]), Miss Zuzana Lescisinova (International Education Officer, The Royal College of Pathologists [UK]), Dr Mona El-Bahrawy (Adjunct Reader and Consultant Histopathologist, Imperial College London)
Dr Mona El-Bahrawy, Adjunct Reader and Consultant Histopathologist, played a principal role in the establishment and organisation of the 2018 International Pathology Summer School (IPSS), organised by the Royal College of Pathologists in partnership with the Egyptian Armed Forces College of Medicine (AFCM) and the ECPT. Dr El-Bahrawy is also the Country Advisor for Egypt for The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) and President of the Egyptian Committee for Pathology Training (ECPT). 

Following the success of last year’s IPSS, the RCPath partnered again with Egypt’s AFCM and ECPT to deliver a second IPSS in Cairo in July 2018.  The three day interactive programme was designed to provide undergraduate medical students from Egypt and overseas with an opportunity to learn about the importance of pathology, and its vital role in the delivery of quality healthcare and the treatment of patients. It also gave students the chance to familiarise themselves with the diverse range of pathology specialties and develop a greater understanding about the knowledge and skills required to become a pathologist.  The programme included lectures, thought-provoking pathology challenges, and debates.

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