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Twenty-two recommendations for inclusive teaching and their implementation challenges

By Dr Iro Ntonia, Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship


Inclusivity in teaching and learning within the HE context is a nuanced and layered concept. It is commonplace for HEIs to rely on toolkits and recommendation checklists, however oftentimes the true meaning of inclusive practice, and the complexities of implementing an authentically inclusive and equitable approach are often lost in translation from checklist to practice. In a research project led by Katie Stripe (Senior Learning Designer, Education Office), we reflected on our own practice and explored alongside practitioners what the perceived barriers for implementing an inclusive teaching and learning approach may be. We recently published our findings in the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (DOI: https://doi.org/10.47408/jldhe.vi28.1034  ) and are currently exploring avenues for disseminating our conclusions. (more…)